Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Secret Ceremony

sec006. Chepstow Road, just south of sec001. Now a restaurant, but I remember it as an antique shop. There were workshops close by, and my father, driving by around this time, used to say 'that's where they make the antiques for the Portobello'.

sec006a. View from inside the shop, towards St Stephen's Gardens, once the notorious slums of racketeer landlord Rachman.

Adrian Grepnold.

Another couple of goodies, thanks, we'll add them. Alfie was partly shot just down the road, I used to have a girlfriend in Tavistock Crescent, just up the road, skinny girl I recall.
At the top end of Chepstow Road was a military antique shop, and yes, your Dad was correct, as this chap used to make military "antiques" for us when I ran the militaria shop "Tradition" in Piccadilly, in the 70's.