Monday, July 14, 2008

Girl with Pistol

Locations for Girl with Pistol:

Edinburgh: Waverley Station and other streets.
Sheffield: The Steel, Peach and Tozer Factory, streets, cafe and a club.
Cardiff Airport: Only a guess as this was the departure point of the Cambrian Airlines flight to
Brighton: Waterfront, pier and hotels and probably the ferryport at Newhaven.
Bath: Royal Crescent and maybe also the hospital.
London: The Salisbury pub on St Martin's Lane, WC2 (also used in The Victim).
St Martin's Court - Stanley Baker illegally parks his car here.
Trafalgar Square - Authentic anti-US Vietnam war demo, with later staged shots of the demo including Vitti and Baker, possibilly Lincoln Inn Fields.
Elephant and Castle, the shiney steel lump in the middle of the roundabout.
Waterford Road, SW.

Sent in by an unknown admirer to whom we extend our thanks.