Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jet Storm

Hi John

Many years ago when Heathrow's terminal 2 opened, my friends and I were teenagers, we used to cycle there most weekends plane spotting, on one occasion we were excited to see a film crew in the terminal making a film, there were many actors and celebriteis around, including Bob Monkhouse, Dennis Goodwin, Marty Wilde, George Baker, Barbra Kelly, Anthony Booth, and many others, I do not think they were all in the film, just visiting the set, we got many autographs, and all were very approachable, when we asked what the film was called we were told by Marty Wilde that it was "Jet Stream"!!
For many years I looked everywhere for news of this film until tonight, whilst researching another icon, Barbera Kelly, I happened to look up her filmography, and found she once appeared in a film called "Jet Storm", subsequent research and many visits to sites akin to this film has led me to say for certain this was the film I saw being made, with its plethora of stars of the day, sadly though all avenues of investigation to purchase a copy have come to nothing, does any of your clan know where a copy can possibly be purchased.

Best Regards

Brian Duffy