Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coronation Cinema, Southgate N11 (part 2)

Brian Tunstill found this on the Cinema Treasures site:

Coronation Cinema
84 Station Road, New Southgate, London, England, United Kingdom N11

The Coronation Cinema was located on the corner of New Southgate High Road (today known as Station Road) and Upper Park Road. It was built by its independent operators as a replacement to the adjacent Coronation Picture Palace which became a dance hall.

It opened on 30th September 1930 and was designed in a modest Art Deco style by noted cinema architect Robert Cromie. Seating was provided on one floor, but there was a small raised box at the rear which contained a few seats. There was an orchestra pit and a seven foot deep stage with three dressing rooms provided. Patrons purchasing tickets for the cheaper seats at the front had their own paybox located on Upper Park Street.

The Coronation was always a second run cinema and it was closed on 24th October 1952. The building became a store and offices for Eastern Gas and was demolished in 1970 when the entire Eastern side of Station Road (including the adjacent older Coronation Picture Palace) was redeveloped for housing to be built on the site.
Contributed by KenRoe