Friday, September 19, 2008

Coronation Cinema, Southgate N11

For the attention of John.

Were you able to obtain a photograph of the exterior of the cinema?

.........sadly, no. But you could enquire of the Gas Board? Electricity Board? who at one time owned the premises or the Local Council who would have issued permission for demolition? Local library archives? Local history and social studies groups?

I would dearly like to obtain a copy as my father, Wilfred (Billy) Batt, managed it from 1936-37 until some time in the war time era.

..............when, I as a small child, lay on the floor, under the seats
when a doodlebug, a V1, cut its engine, prior to falling to earth, and
moments later crashed near the Standard Cable Works in Friern Barnet.
Dusting ourselves down we continued to watch a George Formby film!

I have a photo taken in the foyer of the cinema showing various members of
staff, including my father. The photo was taken during one of the donation drives for sevice men that was a regular feature at that time.

............scan a copy and we'll blog it. It might just stir some memories

I would be happy to email a copy to you if of any interest.

..........yes please

Unfortunately my own search for an exterior shot have drawn a blank.

.........if it was easy, someone else would have done it long ago. Keep
plugging, you'll get there.



Best regards

Nigel A. Batt