Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ipcress File, "Drinka Pinta Milka Day"

This piece from the Harry Palmer movie site:

The location in London where Carswell is shot in his car was found by Keith:

Upper Thames Street at the junction with Queen Street Place. I only added pictures.

This was what Keith left on the messageboard:

"Been irritated for years that I couldn't identify the location used for the scene where Carswell is shot in the blue Ford Zephyr. Penny finally dropped.

It is Upper Thames Street E.C.4 @ the junction with Queen Street Place, left of the lights, & Queen Street to the right of the traffic lights. The car is travelling west towards what is now Blackfriars underpass. The give away features are the church he drives past, laying back from the road (I believe it is a Christopher Wren church), & the building to the immediate right of the church as you view the scene. The bridge he passes under is called Cannon Bridge & there is an office block built on top these days. This leads to Cannon Street railway station.All the other buildings near the church are gone.

The building to the left of the lights (Queen Street Place) was used by the OXO company in 1965 - the second 'O' is obscured by the traffic light post, no product placement allowed in 1965 eh? The building is still there however. To the right of the lights (Queen Street) the buildings have been swept away & rebuilt. It is now closed to traffic & a barrier prevents access.

Ahead is the continuation of Upper Thames Street. It has since been widened so that the road as it was then is now the westbound half of a dual carriage way. The buildings on the right behind the "Drinka Pinta Milka Day" poster have been demolished & the eastbound half of the dual carriage way created in their place.

So now we know." Keith for more locations.