Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Offence (1972)

Hi John,

Here as promised is the information promised to you regarding The Offence (1972) starring Sean Connery, it was filmed in our home town, Bracknell, Berks.

Paul Hart took the photos and gathered the information for you.....

Kind regards,

Anne Cooper

In the Scene 8 min 55 seconds into the film, behind the lady walking along with her shopping basket, you can see in the back ground the Point Royal town block where Sean Connery’s character lives.

Scene pictures
23 minutes into the film the unmarked police car stops in the town high street, this location is in Bracknell town centre High Street at the junction of Crossways and Charles Square as depicted in Picture 2

24 min 55 seconds into the film Sean Connery is walking through the Crossways located between Bracknell High street and Bracknell Broadway as shown in pictures 10, 11 & 26

24 min 12 seconds into the film Sean Connery’s Character walks down the stairs of the upper Broadway, Bracknell by the Chip shop to talk to a suspect who has just bought some chips. See picture 1 & 8

As Sean Connery walks along talking to the suspect with his chips, they stop along the Broadway with Sean Connery asking for a chip as shown in pic 20 & 21

25 min 7 seconds into the film the marked Police car drives along the ring road that goes around Bracknell town centre. It passes the Red Lion pub. Bracknell Ring road. as shown in pictures 15 & 16 and the now gone Cinema (showing Please Sir the Film) next to the Cinema is the shop showing the Bracknell Times newspaper on it’s sign.

Reverse scene shot picture 14

25 min 22 seconds into the film the Police car stops and the Police officers observe the drunk guy (Ian Bannen’s character) walking along the Bracknell. Broadway. upper walkway, ironically this is above the chip shop where Sean Connery was 1 minute earlier in the film. Pictures 22 & 23

26 min 15 seconds into the film as Ian Bannen staggers down the Broadways spiral walkway as shown in pictures 22 & 23

Pictures of the spiral walkway where Ian Bannen is carried over by the
Police officers 17, 18 & 19

27 min 42 seconds into the film the so called police station which is actually Bracknell Library as shown in picture 5 & 6

As shown in pictures 3 & 4 the car park next to the Police station again this is the car park next to the Library where Sean Connery gets into his car to drive home.

44 min 54 seconds into the film Sean Connery drives home and enters the car park under his home. This is the underground car park of Point Royal car park that is located underneath the Point Royal tower block Easthampstead, Bracknell.
See picture 13 & 27

46 min 3 seconds into the film Sean Connery exits the lift at his home, this scene is actually shot within the Point Royal tower block with it’s distinctive internal layout.
The internal scenes of his home are again shot within one of the flats within the Point Royal tower block with it’s distinctive shape. As shown in pictures 13 the shape of Point Royal tower block.

1hr 4min 51 seconds the Police car exits the underground car park with Sean Connery in custody again picture 27