Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Re: Various things on your wants list

I don't doubt the work that was put into Glyn Horton's book on British railways in feature films. I sure he knows his stuff about railways in general, but the Underground coverage does let it down a bit. I've already covered some of it in my own blog:

http://nickcooper625.blogspot.com/search/label/The London Underground in Films and TV

>> I was trying to pin down some detail on 'The Yellow Balloon' (tearing my hair out >> trying to ID the Underground stations used!), ended up at your site again, and got
>> even more distracted.
> ..............yes "Yellow Baloon" is on the list to be added, one day,
> along with more than 700 other films!!! Maybe Simon can help. I've
> copied him into this email.

I initially thought that from the size of the platform tunnels it was shot at Essex Road the old Northern City Line between Finsbury Park and Moorgate, but a quick recce last week on my way home disproved that. It's maddening because it's one of the best uses of a station in afilm, but it's too damned dark to be certain of anything beyond the fact that it is actually a real station and not a set!

There are definitely a few things you have that I need - especially 'Otley' and 'The Liquidator' - I'll have a more detailed look and let you know. Of course, this is where I admit that I'm not actually subscribed to your site at the moment, so if one of the copies I can do can cover me for six months, that would be great.

Obviously all of the above is quite a large amount, so I can send them in
prgressive batches. 'Gumshoe', 'The Clouded Yellow', 'Rogue Male' and
'Silver Bears', due to the media they're already on, I should be able to
get in the post to you before the end of the week. Apart from those, do you
have any particular "priorities" as to which order you'd like the rest in?

I've just rechecked the lists on your website, and I also have:

Half a Sixpence (my other half may be able to help with the Tunbridge Wells
Lawrence of Arabia
Quatermass Experiment
Letter to Brezhnev (I think I have a Betamax copy of this, somewhere)
The Cruel Sea (another 'Daily Mail' DVD I think I have a spare of)

>> Incidentally, the Underground scenes in 'Manhunt' are all firmly studio
>> based.
> .............OK
> I also recently acquired the 1978 BBC TV film under the original
>> title of 'Rogue Male', which has a lot of nice London location work.
> .................better and better
>> Incidentally, I noticed in the London A-D list that you seem to have
>> 'Bulldog Jack' down as 'Brighton Rock'!
> ..............who can we blame................except me? An appalling
> error, or human frailty?
> ..............To err is human, to forgive..................
> .............I hope that our thousands of hours of work somewhat
> ameliorate this small error, which we'll correct, now that we know.

One of those things - no matter how much you work on something, no matter
how many times you read it, you can overlook something quite obvious. I
went through dozens of drafts of the booklet for the 'Things to Come' DVD,
and it passed through various hands at the publishers, but there were a
couple of errors that were only noticed by the graphic designer as he was
laying out the final version!