Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pool of London

I watched Pool Of London yet again, and something that had been nagging at me cropped up again. When Bonar Colleano goes into the "steamship authority" building at the end of Tower bridge, it is implied by the movie, and the photo caption stated that it was on the north side of Tower Bridge. I used to hang out mostly on the north side as a kid, (loved those old warehouses, cranes, etc) and I don't ever remember seeing that building there. Try as I might I cannot recall it. It then occured to me that it might be on the southern (Horseleydown) end of the bridge.

When Colleano comes out the building, he turns left, towards the bridge, but after buying the poor seamans badge from the girl he is walking away from the bridge, on the north side, past the old tea and spice warehouses -- which he would do if he continued walking across the bridge from south to north. Also, I cant see where the doorway would be behind him. (Are you still with me?)

If Earl Cameron and Renee Asherton are on the north side of the bridge (photo pol 009c) there is a City of London sand and trash bin curbside, but not there in pol009a when Colleano enters the building. Adding to my suspicion is that I think Asherton is actually exiting the building basement on the south side in pol 010 and 011. Does this guy ever stop, I can hear you saying.)

Well, thats it. A lot of words for just a small point. Still enjoying your site and gradually adding the films there, to my collection.


Roy Barnacle

I'm sure Roy is correct, what sleuthing!!! Not that we're obsessional you
know, but we MUST get it right!