Monday, November 17, 2008

Some information on poster sizes


The basic recurring error in your descriptions concerns the use of the word 'quad'.

.........we've taken Terry's advice and removed the word 'quad' from our poster descriptions.

Quads are always British horizontal/landscape format posters, measuring 30"x40".
Vertical/portrait format posters are called '1-sheets' if they measure 40"x 27" approx or 'double-crowns' if they measure 30"x20".

The word 'quad' (note spelling , quad not quod) is an abbreviation of 'quad-crown' - in other words, four times crown.
It refers to the size of the paper, based on old imperial paper sizes (crown, foolscap, etc - before they invented A4, A5, A6 etc).
The dimensions of a 'crown' sheet of paper are 15"x20".
Therefore, a 'quad-crown' (colloquially referred to in the film poster world as a 'quad') is equal to four times that size - ie 30"x40"
Therefore, a 'double-crown' measures 30"x20"

The term '1-sheet' or 'one-sheet' is used to describe an vertical/portrait format poster, usually measuring around 40"/41" x 26"/27" - they vary slightly depending on their printing date - they can be USA or UK or most other nationalities - but a 'quad' is generally only found in the UK. There are some US posters which measure 40"x30" in portrait format, but they're just called US 40"x30" posters - not quads - even though the dimensions are the same as a quad.


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