Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend in the Country

If you are a fan of the 1986 cult classic comedy “Withnail & I” you now have the chance of spending “a wonderful weekend in the country”. Sleddale Hall, a traditionally built stone and slate farmhouse near Snap, Cumbria made famous in the film has now been put up for sale by its current owners United Utilities. This lovely 18th century cottage, in a very rural setting is within easy reach of Penrith where you can pickup good quality rubber boots and buy cake. Its nearest neighbours are over a mile away and the nearest public road some 2 miles away.

The property, which has been derelict for a number of years, is in need of some attention and has been valued at £145,000 by the Estate Agents Saville. However if you wish to purchase “Uncle Monty’s” farm expect fierce competition from film enthusiasts at the auction on 16th February at the Berkeley Hotel in London .

Classic lines from “Withnail & I” which maybe be of use when in the countryside, you will find these useful if you are the winning bidder.

-We’ve come on holiday by mistake.
-You’re the poacher?
-We’re not from London you know.
-Can we have a chicken.
-We’re friends of Montague Withnail.
-That bull wants to get down there and have sex with those cows.
-He’s in’t top field (why are farmers in the UK always in top field and in America they are always in the lower forty?)
-Hold your bag up, don’t show him any fear!
-Close the bloody gate!
-Here hare here.
-Don’t threaten me with a dead fish.

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