Friday, February 06, 2009


The Savoy Lounge.

Featuring a newly restored Compton organ that was originally located at The Astoria Cinema in Cliftonville, Kent and then moved to The Savoy, Stoke Newington, London.

Edna and Simon Martins' new cinema, The Savoy Lounge, seats seventeen, including the VIP area that sports SL embossed cushions.

Simon, who doesn’t read music, but can play a tune once he has heard it, is inspired by the old films and playing unscripted, intends to accompany them with sound effects and favourite tunes on the Compton organ. Does that mean he plays by ear, or by eye, or both? Blue Skies, Goodnight Sweetheart and Bye Bye Blues are some of the titles that Edna and Simon love.

They have the organ, but are stuck for a projector (any Reel Streeters have one tucked away?).

Once the projector is in, they hope to open officially.

They have already had an organ concert entitled ‘Here we go’ (and I missed it). Did Edna do her Marlene Dietrich impersonation, featuring ‘Falling in Love Again’?

For more about the fabulous Edna and Simon: See The Daily Mail by Natalie Clark/ photos by Richard Lappas and Alistair Heap.