Monday, March 09, 2009

Locations for "The Leather Boys"

Dear Sir

Here are the locations for some of the unknown shots featured in The Leather Boys.

LB001 - Wimbledon Art College, Merton Hall Road, London.

LB002 - Harbut Road, Wandsworth, London

LB003 - Harbut road, Wandsworth, London

LB004 - Southolm Street, London

LB020 - Southolm Street/Roydon Street

LB023 - St. John's Hill, Wandsworth

LB024 - St. John's Hill, Wandsworth

LB031, LB032, LB033, LB034, LB035 are all shots of Bognor Regis.

LB036 - Southolm Street

These locations and more can be found in the book "The Ace Cafe - Then and Now" by Winston Ramsey, published by Battle of Britain International Limited.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Garfield