Monday, May 11, 2009

Doctor in the House

Hi John

Just found a very, very bad copy of Doctor In The House, and decided to view it once more before I toss it out.

.............yes, bad it is, so the still grab you sent is no good for our
site I'm afraid.

As I got to the chase in the movie between University students, I suddenly realized that the attached shot of St Johns Street, was not only of the old Northampton Poly, but of the church where my parents were married. The church has long gone of course.

............suddenly, after 50 years, and now you tell me!

But, heres the kicker, the reason I watched it again for old times sake is that I am in the crowd watching from the sidelines. I was a telegraph boy at the time and had to deliver a telegram to an address on Percival Street. Never could spot me though. And I never got a tip 'cos I was late with the delivery.

............fame, at long last.

I certainly dont expect you to publish my poor resolution of a grab.

..........that's a relief!

But I am surprised that it was not grabbed in the first place as its a
great then shot of St Johns Street -- and of course, my mum and dad's wedding church.

............but not half as suprised as I am that you didn't tell me about
it before. Still, now we can put your letter on the blog, and start to trawl
through all the piles of tapes to find the Doctor film, run it through, grab
the scene and.................tarrah!!!!!!!...........put the pic on site.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention

Best wishes



Roy Barnacle

p.s. I mentioned Betty Box's autograph. She was a producer of the film.