Friday, May 15, 2009


Some of the film KES was shot in our house in Burton Road, Barnsley, this is/was on the outskirts of Barnsley on the road to Cudworth.

How do I know?

My mother Helga Reynolds, was the then secretary of the Yorkshire branch of Equity (I still have headed paper to prove this) and she was an actress and also a professional musician. There is a rumour that the baby in the pram (in the pub scene) is me as I was around one year old at the time, so I obviously don't remember anything about it. I do however know that when we moved to Old Mill Lane Brian Glover and many other, now famous people, would come around regularly. I vividly remember meeting Freddy parrot face, Ken Dodd, Kenny Baker (R2D2) and Bert Weedon, to name some people. So on that background and with what my mother told me I have no doubts that the location of the boy's house where he lived was indeed the end house in Burton Rd, which was our house. If you want more information, I have some old photographs from when we lived in Barnsley which may help, please contact me.