Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sabotage Agent

Discovered an interesting film in my collection. "Sabotage Agent" 1942, I think, with Robert Donat, Valerie Hobson and a very young Glynis Johns. What I found interesting is that it opens at the end of a blitz raid on a hospital. They actually used the St Thomas Hospital site, SE1 (Genevieve and Night and the City),opposite the Houses of Parliament. I reckon they could not have cleared away all the debris and were using it as the film set.

................wonderful. So, have you pulled the grabs yet!!!

Not a lot of UK 'then' scenes as the hero was shipped off to Czechoslovakia pretty quickly.

...............and l'll have those "grabs" as well please. I was in Prague recently. But, in 1942 Prague was occupied by the Nazis. So, where did they make the film?.

It was made in the old Gainsborough studios ("Millons Like Us" "Quartet" "Man in Grey" etc) near where I lived London.

............So, an Islington lad. I lived at one time in Camden Road, and my wife lived in Thornhill Road up past the Aggie Hall. And when I was a kid, in the latter part of the war; living in New Southgate; I was occasionally taken, on wednesday afternoons; half-day closing for my mother's dry-cleaning shop; to the Lyons Corner House for tea, which was at the Angel, Islinton. A quartet played suitable music, and we were served by "Nippies" the Joe Lyons waitresses. The Alistair Sims' film "Green for Danger" has a wonderful scene with a similar group of ladies.

As a fortunate 9 year old I was able to get the autograph of Betty Box.

..................have you still got it?

Roy Barnacle