Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Don't Talk to Strange Men

This is my all time fave film and I have visited the location. I have present day photos but they are polaroids and I do not know how to submit these as yet.

..................Take them into any copy shop and they should be able to
scan them and put them on a disc for you, they should also be able to send the scans directly to us by email. If not, you can do so from the disc.

Anyway, the film was made in Fulmer in South Bucks. Hawkswood Lane is the real name of the lane used in the film and was also featured in Genevieve in 1953. The pub is the Black Horse, called the Chequers in the film. It looks identical today even down to the black wooden handrail around the entrance!
It also featured in an episode of the Persuaders called Greensleeves. Roger Moore and Tony Curtis are seen entering it.

...............Good news, can't wait to see your pics, before someone else
races down there and takes some!

I do not know where the town centre street is with the cinema showing Pocketful of Miracles.

..............We told you on pics 003e, and also in the adverts on the right
of the page.

and I tried Gerrards Cross as it is the nearest town to Fulmer but I
couldn't find this street. If you would like to see my photos, please let me know how to submit them.

..........local internet shop could also offer the same service, scan, disc,

Finally, I intend to visit Fulmer again this summer and will take more digital photos.


I will also go to Beaconsfield and see if I can recognise that high street.

Darren Gregory

.........I'm sure you'll recognise it, I did, from a thousand miles away!