Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No Trees in the Street

Dear John,

I was having a look at the ‘No Trees In the Street’ page on your website and realised that ntis001 and ntis002 are filmed next to Christian Street in Poplar. The building that you ask whether it’s a church was actually a school, which you can see in the screenshot taken from Google Maps.

In the aerial view ntis001, the rail lines in the background are now the DLR into Bank and Tower Hill along with the C2C National Rail. You get an excellent aerial view from the DLR, although I think that the only building that now remains from the photo is the school, and unfortunately that too is currently being demolished.

I hope that is of interest to you. I shall go and take some proper photos next week and upload them via your website. There are plenty of locations on your site that I also know of so I shall get my camera out and get submitting soon.

Kind Regards,

Oliver Herington