Sunday, July 05, 2009

Press For Time

Pictures pft007 and ptf008 for the movie "Press for Time".

There is information in a movie forum that "the exterior location of the Tinmouth Times office is actually in Beaconsfield, close to the studios where all the interiors were shot". If this is true, probably the church in the picture pft007 is St Mary and All Saints Church. But, the church in the picture pft007 has one visible spire on the tower, unlike the tower of St Mary and All Saints Church which has four spires.

If this is the same church, the street in this scene must be either:
A. Aylesbury End, HP9 1LW, probably building at the number 26 (5 numbers north from United Reformed Church which is at the number 16 on the Aylesbury End eastern side).
B. 141 Station Road, HP9 1LG, the former Beaconsfield Studios, and now National Film & Television School, if all buildings from the left in these 2 pictures are gone.

The two spots (A and B) are available in Multimap Bird's Eye option; and are not available in Google Maps Street View option.
Another puzzle,

Regards Greg