Monday, July 20, 2009

Time Gentlemen Please


I have several movies on your wants list and I would be happy to trade for some on your available list. Please let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a list of films I have that you may be interested in.

..............Yes, John, always on the lookout for material we haven't yet found, thanks for your kind offer.

PS I have a film titled Time Gentleman Please, some of which was filmed near me in Thaxted, Essex.

................strangely Simon was there last week taking some of the "now" photos.

There is one shot where an actor (Sid James I seem to remember) is outside the pub at the top of the hill (in reality The Swan) He looks down the High Street and then turns to go into the pub. He goes through the doors but when the camera picks him up again it is obviously a film studio interior. It certainly isn't the interior of The Swan!!

I was an extra in the TV mini series War and Remembrance which was filmed partly in the UK. Some of it was filmed at Duxford Airport which was dressed up to look like British Army HQ in India??!! There was also filming at Bushey in Herts where a railway station was 'created' with the sound of a train whistle and puffs of steam from behind the old station which is now a private residence.

Best Regards
John Brooker