Thursday, July 09, 2009

Well, woodja believe it!?!

Have a look at Norm Wisdom approaching the Teignmouth Times offices in Press for Time, pft007, see the ballustrade above Norm's head, and the spire in the distance and in pft008, the cinema steps, and front columns, and the gap between buildings and the bollard.

Have a look at the girl, and her sister, Christina Clegg and Gillian Lind perhaps, walking along the street in Don't Talk to Strange Men, dtsm003c, look at the church spire in the distance, and dtsm003g with the internal steps of the cinema, and very similar, if not identical front columns............but is there a step too many?

And in Celia Johnson, her of the funny hats, in Brief Encounter, be012, see the ballustrade and small "Georgian" shop windows, and the lamps on the columns to the left, and be013 shows a gap between the buildings with a bollard.

Case proved I believe.

These three films are an example of one of the very few instances in more than 329 films where an ordinary street has ever been used three times. 1% of the films so far examined and processed. There are several instances where an "average" street was used twice, and, if you want to send in your findings we can start a list, but there is one street that has been used more than a dozen times, and which is now the subject of the screenplay "Cinema of Darkness", which tells the story of a film crew technician, a psychopath, who uses his position and his peripatetic life-style, to indulge in his murderous fantasies. Unhappily this story is probably true, and the circumstantial evidence surrounding more than a dozen disappearances of young women, in various parts of the country makes for disturbing reading. "H" certificate, and, if you'd like a taster, send in an email, and confirm that you are at least 18 years old.