Sunday, September 06, 2009

Good Intentions

They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Perhaps we can update that to the “Reel Streets of Hell are paved with good intentions”. For example:

How many times have I received an email asking,

“Has anyone done, or is working on film “XXXXX”.
“No” say I, “Why?”
“ ‘cause I know all the locations, shall I photo them for you?” is the reply.
“Yes please,” say I, “I’ll give you a three month’s option on film XXXXX”.

And then, …………..deafening silence.

Then there are all the people who want to know about “Violent Playground”, made in Liverpool. All of them have the tape, all of them write long winded emails, all of them promise to make me a copy, and……………..I’m still holding my breath.

And then there are those, who NEED to know all the locations for film ABC, as soon as possible! Do they think of grabbing the stills, do they get out and about with their camera. Unhappily no, but they NEED to know, urgently.

Then there are the people who have dups, swaps or doubles of tapes / DVD’s etc.

“Would I like the spares?”.
“Yes please” say I, in hopeful anticipation,

and then…………….but then, you know who you are.

However, several surfers who have put their money where there mouths are, are listed on the sites, with our grateful thanks.

Oh, and the man who was going to send a copy of Zulu Dawn, for the site, perhaps he got an assegai up the Khyber on the way to the post office because the tape didn’t arrive here.

And the other two who know all the locations for “Sparrows Can’t Sing”, and “The Whisperers”, whatever happened to them I wonder???????????

Ah, the Whispering Singing Sparrers, I can just hear them twittering.

The other side of the coin, or street, is the huge amount of interest shown by real enthusiasts, those who have a little time and can spare a little effort to "put" for the common good, rather than simply "take" for their own use. These kind people are listed throughout the site, and will now appear on the home page as they submit photos that we can use. Our thanks to all of them, who make all our time and effort so well spent.

John Tunstill

PS. And if you're still "thinking" about doing something...........I'm still holding my breath.