Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recent Additions

Here are the latest additions to our library, taking their place in the queue for uploading to the site:

Big Job, The (1965), Sid James and Joan Sims, Chalfont St giles, Buckinghamshire (imdb)
Gelignite Gang, The (1956), Eric Pohlmann and robberies in Kemp Town, Brighton
Hindle Wakes, trouble at t'mill (1931), Llandudno
Rockets Galore (1957), Donald Sinden & Gordon Jackson, in the Outer Isles
Terror By Night (1946), Sherlock Holmes, aka Basil Rathbone, on set. No location work.
Von Ryan's Express (1965), Frank Sinatra, locations in Italy and Switzerland.
What's good For The Goose (1969), Southport, Norman Wisdom, a bank in the City? A seaside.