Monday, December 07, 2009

The Square Peg - Location Enquiry (part 1)


Firstly, may I congratulate you on a very interesting site.

............thank you

I am trying to find the location used for "Battersby Camp" - the barracks used in the Norman Wisdom comedy, "The Square Peg". It was filmed at Pinewood Studios in about 1958.

.............many military camps of the period have long since been torn down or turned into industrial estates. Cardington I remember well, Wilmslow, and wherever it was, near Stratford Upon Avon, where I did my RAF photographic course, are now industrial estates.

It has the appearance of a militia-type camp of WW2 vintage. This type of camp was common of the era and many survived until the end of National Service (c1961). What was a militia camp as opposed to a military camp?

.........almost half a century ago! How about the camp in Private's Progress, or the other one, with a fort-like structure in Carry on Sergeant. Where are they now?

Most Pinewood location work of this era was undertaken within striking distance of Pinewood / Iver, Bucks. As far as I am aware, there were no militia camps still extant in this area at the time of shooting. I suspect that the location was a little further afield.

Any ideas, please?


J A Flaszynski