Monday, January 25, 2010

Associate Research Assistants - (Free Films pt.2)

WOW............such response!!! So, be quick and complete the application form now.

Too many applications, and too little time to process them all. So the offer, which only opened Thursday, will now only run for 30 days, until 20th February 2010.

Associate Research Assistant status will be freely granted to anyone who makes a significant contribution to this site. Maybe pulling some 20 or more stills from a favourite film or films, maybe snapping a dozen or so locations that we can use, maybe researching into the films and locations, and providing information that is of use, or maybe sending in copies of films we wish to use, either as a gift or as a swap. We are not ungenerous with our largesse, but it seems that we will be unable to afford to accommodate and continue to support all those of you who have written in, and have made no worthwhile contribution, sorry but the costs of processing all the applications, and supplying all the films is going to be beyond the resources that I have set aside for supporting the site.