Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Film re-make suggestions - Sequels, Sons of..., xxx II, III and IV

The Heather Boys
Life begins at Fortrie
It's a wonderful Fife

Dr Eccles and Mr Ryde
Invasion of the Bodmin Snatchers
Hythe spirit
Yeovil in Miss Jones

Devon Can Wait, or in Wales...

Bevan Can Wait
Look Back in Bangor
Organ-Morgan, a suitable case for treatment
April in Powys
Evans Above
Bar-man Jones
Merthyr She Said
The Lost Leek-end

(Quick we need some Irish ideas).

The Cruel Lee

I suppose it's too late for Mould Diggers of 1933?
Better stick with The Mould Curiosity Shop...

No ideas for Brighton, but what about
Hove on the Dole
Hove in Bloom
Hove finds Andy Hardy?

I am going to go and lay down now.

ps, But before I do:
This one is for all the government jobs-worth's, that constantly annoy us with forms and fines at Reel Streets:
The Curse of the VAT People.