Monday, January 25, 2010


Thoroughly enjoyed Maitland's your "Movie Memories" on Reel Street. They parallel mine, I think.

I wanted to comment on the Genevieve Picture No. 51. You are right about the Route 223 bus, which it was in 1951 around the time that Genevieve was being made. It ran then, between Ruislip and West Drayton. But what puzzles me, is that the route shows, (I think) East Acton, which is way off the 223 route, even for an odd working. The other puzzlement is that the road traveled by Genevieve looked at though it was having the tram lines removed. I don't know of any that were being removed in West London around that that time particularly on the 223 Route. Of course, it could have been lines from one of the United Tramsways lines being removed, but I believe they were removed at the time of replacement during the 1030s. It makes me wonder if the bus wasn't used as a set piece, a real bus, but put there for "atmosphere." Again, thanks for the "memories."

Roy Barnacle