Monday, June 14, 2010



Received film yesterday, thanks a lot, got my dose of 50's London streets last night, not a bad one of its genre, Campbell Singer as a world weary desk sergeant again! Is that all he played? The Blue Lamp, Pool Of London and a few others I cant think of, obviously the go to guy for avuncular copper roles.
All the women are upper class who would naturally flock to the ranks of Londons finest, sorting out the poor misguided proles, the subtext of these films is quite scary, "respect your betters" what! but that's not our remit here, the young mum with the terrible irish accent who gets caught thieving in a Sloane Square department store, hope she had a pot of their fine tea before she started hoisting? Think they blew most of the budget on the downbeat club set.
Doing well on locations but as usual they edit to something that's not there, but they will not defeat me, went into the jewellers that they steal the van outside of and the owners father was there in the 50's, I showed her the pictures and told her about the site and asked if I could talk to her dad, I left my number so fingers crossed. Got told to stop taking photos by the landlord of the pub in the film in belgravia, "it's a private mews and you need a permit from the grosvenor estate", waited for him to leave and carried on, pompous £$%£$%"&, is this your cabbie shelter from Passport to Shame?

Thanks once again