Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Associate Research Assistant status

Associate Research Assistant status will be freely granted to anyone who makes a significant contribution to this site.

This contribution could perhaps be:

· pulling some 20 or more stills from a favourite film or films, those that are listed on the home page of the site, film/movie list, and shown in amber are preferred, but any feature film made anywhere in the world at any time is of interest, even those currently in production.

· maybe snapping a dozen or so locations that we can use, but with an actor in view and obvious architectural detail. Not sand dunes, open fields, trees or, country lanes.

· finding 40 or more matching locations through Google Earth. BUT, do give the full copyright reference if the photos are not your own work.

· maybe researching into the films and locations, and providing information that is of use, for films, world-wide, that we haven’t yet included on our lists, and made at any time, or even in the process of production.

· maybe sending in five copies of films that we wish to use.

· possibly creating sub-pages of useful information on airports, railway stations, gas works, power stations, monuments, public buildings, etc that have been used in feature films, or even actors, directors or genre that are applicable to our search for locations

· perhaps creating sub-pages for your favourite films and their filming sites and locations

· or even selling advertising space on our site

Each ARA will, in the future, have access to a sub-site, or sub-pages where, through a password controlled access, you, the ARA, will be able to freely load your work, your “thens”, your “nows” your comments, your blogs, and where persons interested in “your” film or films will be able to contact you directly, and you will be able to add your/their comments, photos , suggestions and information. This we are working on, and, if you know how we can do it simply and cheaply please let us know. These pages will be linked to the main site but give autonomy to the ARA controller, you. These “parallel” sites will contain your name, and, in recognition of your contributions your status will be elevated to that of Research Manager. Each new parallel site created will be announced on the main site blog.

We are not ungenerous with our largesse, but it seems that we will be unable to afford to accommodate all those of you who have written in, and have made no worthwhile contribution, sorry, but we are not slaving away in order to provide you with a few spare hours of entertainment, it has to be a two-way street. But if there are any of you out there who believe that you have made a reasonable unpaid contribution to the site, and, if we haven’t already sent you a complimentary ARA notification, then let use know, with full details of your contributions, and we’ll rectify the omission.

For those of you unable to make any serious contribution, an enrolment fee of £10.00 is required in order to start to pay something towards our expenses that we incur whilst providing you with endless hours of cinematographic pleasure.

Any DVD’s that you request from us will be sent out on the understanding that you are first listed as an ARA and then will be expected to contribute to the site in the manner or style that we have listed above, and, as an associate research assistant you are also entitled to further copies of films for “research purposes”, you only paying for the costs of copying and postage.

We look forward to hearing from you

  • with information of benefit to the site,
  • or your claim for ARA status, see requirements above,
  • or your payment via PayPal of £10.00 to

All ARAs will have unlimited accesses to the ReelStreets site where there are almost 400 films and some 12 000 “thens” and “nows” shots, on line, for your delectation, with another couple of hundred waiting to be loaded as time and finances allow.

There is an "object" line on the email………..don't just put in “films”, “film title”, “reelstreets” …or even, “can you just”, “hi”, “hello”, “hope you get this email”, “from George”, these are not easy to refind, file or remember, so will generally get lost. Of course those of you who don’t even bother to put a subject on the object line, just get automatically spammed.

Then there are the people who have “something of interest to offer”, “I know all the locations for……….”, “is anyone working on film…..….”, obviously looking for free entry to the site, and no, most of them we never hear from again. You know who you are, so, as I said before, it is a two way street, either contribute time or cash, or sorry, we can’t help.

I see that in the last three months we have answered more than 600 emails, and just at 5 minutes each is some 50 hours at a minimum rate of £ 15 an hour, or £750, three thousand pounds a year!

And if you are sending some money, tell us, as often PayPal doesn’t. But do wait at least 48 hours (CET) before you tell us that you haven’t received your login details, and maybe adjust your international time clocks and also remember that weekends are not completely devoted to ReelStreets.

Hope to welcome you aboard.

Best wishes

John Tunstill