Wednesday, July 21, 2010


OK, OK, enough already!
ib005 shows a power station with four chimneys inset from the ends of the building. Believed to be Battersea, but claimed as Lots Rd by Pat Loobey, sadly now gone to the great location gatherer in the sky.
ib005n shows a power station, with two chimneys, inset, and taken from Cringle Street SW8. This corresponds with the inset of the chimneys, but not the number of chimneys, and we know that chimneys come and go. However, if the current Cringle Street is on the same orientation of the old Cringle Street on my old map, one could definately see Battersea Power Station from the end of the road which suggests that Pat made a mistake.
ib005a shows the same still as ib005, but ib005an is taken from Thorndike Road SW10, and shows lots Road Power station, inset chimneys and only two of them, so it looks as though Barry Harmsman was wrong, as was Pat, and this pic will now been removed.
There were of course Fulham, which appears in Optimists of Nine Elms, and Bankside power stations at one time, just to add to the confusion.
Parts of Lots Road are shown in Deadly Affair, and Lots Road and Fulham power stations appear in Optimists.