Monday, February 28, 2011

Films made in St Petersburg, the Russian one!

October (1927) Sergei Eisenstein’s film, an epic depiction of the 1917 Revolution, is a silent black and white masterpiece.

The End of St Petersburg (1927) Another film dedicated to the 1917 Revolution, Pudovkin’s film forms part of the director’s Revolutionary Trilogy.

The Irony of Fate (1975) A romantic comedy that uses as its plot device the extreme similarity of Soviet housing.

The Burglar (1986) A perestroika favourite, the film portrays the city’s underground rock scene.

Brother (1997) A bleak yet humorous film that depicts the chaos of mid-1990s St Petersburg.

Golden Eye (1995) 007 comes to St Petersburg to carry out a daring raid involving the Russian Mafia in this action-packed film.

Russian Ark (2002) The world’s first unedited feature film, Russian Ark is a 90-minute wander through the Winter Palace.

The Idiot (2003) A highly successful and popular Russian TV adaptation of Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. Available on DVD everywhere.

The Stroll (2003) Three young people wander around the city discussing life and love.

Garpastum (2003) Love, war and football take equal billing in this impressive film by Alexsei German Jr.



Midnight in Saint Petersburg (1996) with Michael Caine (as Harry Palmer). Neil Harvey

Any others?