Monday, March 14, 2011

Add Your Favourite Film Pics to ReelStreets

It's called 'interactive third party access and information' in the business. The action and reaction between you, us, the film and the public.

John Owens has adopted and just loaded The 51st State, a film made mainly in Liverpool. He has done all the work, pulled the stills, found the locations, taken the photographs and loaded everything up on site, and, because of his interest in this particular film, as it reflects his city, he will be interested in receiving your views, comments, criticisms, objections and anecdotes.

Really serious fans can start their own threads on the various social network pages, and the specific film-related pages of at least a dozen sites. Who knows, they might even start tours of the locations, offering to share their knowlege with other enthusiasts, a friendly walkabout. We did one for Sammy Lee, and it is amazing what several pairs of eyes see, and what several brains remember. It is called Film Induced Tourism, is great fun and very rewarding.

So, your favourite film, your town, village, street, city locations, join in the fun and enthusiasm, and in a couple of weeks there will be a bit of sunshine for you to get out and about.

Remember, any film, anywhere and any date, and if you tell the publicity department, the director and the distributor of the film what you are doing, they may well send you some publicity background information and location stills for adding to the site. You, and we, are doing them a favour by promoting interest in their films. Try them, it will work.