Sunday, March 13, 2011

George Clooney and Italian Murder Mystery

With a villa on Lake Como and a former Italian showgirl as a girlfriend, it can be safely assumed that George Clooney has a soft spot for Italy. Now, with a new movie deal on the table, he’ll get to spend more time in the country, filming The Monster of Florence on location, and when we find out which specific locations are being used they will appear on the reelstreets site.
He, Clooney, not the Monster, has already made one film in Italy, The American, last year.
Clooney has agreed to bring a famous Italian murder mystery to the big screen. The Monster of Florence is based on a book that recounts the true story of 8 couples who were found murdered around Florence between 1968 and 1985.
George has not yet agreed to appear in the Cinema of Darkness, another tale about serial murders, this time set on location in Hammersmith and featured on the reelstreets site.

Clooney will play Douglas Preston, author of the original about the mysterious killings who moved to Italy to investigate the murders and teamed up with Mario Spezi, an Italian crime journalist, and whilst they were trying to find the real "Il Mostro," they found themselves accused of crimes by Florence police and were briefly jailed for obstructing justice.
The screenplay is still being adapted, as is that for Cinema of Darkness, which means Clooney still has time to make his decisions before he has to report to Florence for filming this autumn.
Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander, who wrote the screenplay for the 2008 World War II thriller Valkyrie about a plot to assassinate Hitler, will write the screenplay for the "Monster" film and may yet be persuaded to pick up on the "Cinema" story
US star Tom Cruise was previously attached to the film after securing the screen rights in August 2008, not long after Preston and Spezi's book was published.
..........and finally Johnny Depp has also recentlybought a property in Italy. So, be quick, while stocks last.