Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A film location guide to Liverpool.

Two Russian sailors, Peter and Sergei, arrive in Liverpool for one night ashore. Peter can speak a bit of English but it's enough to pull two local lassies, Elaine and Theresa. Elaine and Peter immediately fall in love, but in the morning the two boys must leave with their ship. Elaine can't forget him and writes the letter to Leonid Brezhnev, the Soviet leader, asking him to make it possible for them to meet again.
It was suggested to Liverpool Tourist Office that we would give them some free space on site; film induced tourism and all that; yes, GIVE / FREE space to promote their city. But after three or four emails, and three or four responses from robots assuring us that they would contact us within a few days, nothing. So much for the Liverpool Tourist Office in their attempts to lure tourists in these hard times. They are constantly bleating that tourism numbers are down, hotels, pubs and restaurants are suffering, etc., etc. But to take up our FREE offer was too much for them to bother with.
An advert on each of the Liverpool located films that appear on our site, to promote their city to film fans, might just bring in a few people. But, sadly they have too much else to do, making tea, organising the staff outings, holidays, sick leave and the rest, to waste time on promoting their city on the half dozen film location sites that we have about Liverpool.

At the same time Bolton Tourist Office was approached with our FREE offer to place space on our site, Spring and Port Wine, but again nothing, except of course the ubiquitous robots. Perhaps Bolton, unique in the British Isles, has an overwhelming number of visitors banging at their doors, I somehow doubt it. However despite the incumbents in the Tourist Board, Spring and Port Wine is a really interesting exploration of Bolton as it was.