Monday, June 20, 2011

The Nation's Locations

OK, so you want to see your favourite film on ReelStreets.

If you’ve got the film on tape or disc, run it through your computer using a free “frame-grabbing” programme such as GOM.

Follow the resizing and “tweaking” process outlined in our How to Submit section on our Home Page. Title the pics in lower case, size them and send them in as an email attachment.

If you haven’t a copy of the film do a Google search for the title and you will often find sites which will let you look at highlights of the film, trailers and sometimes the complete movie. Either copy these to your hard disk, and using the GOM programme above select the required snips or grabs, size, tweak and title and send in, or grab the still directly from your screen by pressing the button, normally on the very top line of the keyboard, on the right hand block of three, the left hand key which should have Print / Screen or something similar printed on it.

Open Photoshop or some thing similar, press File / New and you will probably be asked to confirm a picture size usually pre-determined by the computer to correspond to the picture you have just “grabbed”. Click Yes / Ok, then Modify / Paste and, CARAMBA!, the picture appears before your very eyes. Tweak / title and send in.

Easy Peasy.