Thursday, June 30, 2011

SCREEN GRABS for Location Oriented Films and Movies

Providing Tourist Related Destinations influenced by feature films

We’re still waiting for your contribution to Reelstreets, You remember, you did offer.

So, an easy way to grab the stills. Look up your favourite film by name, in Google, eg. Kes, with youtube added. “Kes utube”.
You will often find a series of excerpts / trailers etc. from the film which will enable you to pull the “then” shots.
Run the film and press the “full screen” tab; often under the screen movie picture, on the right, four tiny arrows pointing outwards to the corners.
When you have a screen full of the scene you want to capture or grab, you will need to press the key which possibly says Print / Screen or something similar, perhaps Prt/Scrn. This button is usually on the top row in the keyboard, the “F” row, it is usually on the right hand side and often third key in from the right. Press this in conjunction with the Alt key, often on the bottom line of the keyboard, third button in from the left..

So for a screen grab, enlarge the movie to full screen size, when the required scene is playing, click Print/Screen and Alt to capture a picture.

Pause the screen whilst you deal with the picture you have grabbed.

To exit “full screen” mode pres Esc, top right on the keyboard.

Open Photoshop and click File/New, top right of screen, you will then be offered an option to open a new page, click yes, then Modify/Paste, and presto your pic appears on screen!

Sharpen/adjust brightness/contrast/colour as required and give it a file reference corresponding to the film’s title. Save the pic with the new reference initials and number the frames in sequence, as a .jpg file, at medium resolution, and do this for each scene containing different architectural detail.

Later, again in Photoshop, resize the pic to a width of 420 pixels, height about 315.
The image size MUST be less than 50KB, or else our robot will reject it, will visit you in the night, and subject you to unspeakable cinematographic torments. You have been warned!

For those of you who delight in unspeakable torments, there are many other sites available!

With my computer I can only grab one scene at a time, which I then need to download before grabbing the next one. I prefer to run the film on “pause” and shift the time button, usually a red indicator on the time line at the bottom of the screen, scene by scene, in a “frame freeze mode”. This, for me makes it simpler to grab the frames. When in pause/freeze frame mode the time line will usually fade from the screen after a second or two, as one doesn’t wish to copy that.

When you’ve done all the outside location shots from the film, tell us, and we’ll give you the passwords necessary to load “your” film on site,

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