Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I've lived in Ealing all my life and could spend all my time identifying
locations in loads of films and TV series.

Carry on Constable - In fact it was shot around 100yds further down
St Mary's Rd from co001, on the other side of the road and facing south.
South Ealing station is on the other side of the road. At the time of the
film it was on the far side of the bridge over the railway and has since
been rebuilt on the near side.

co003 are incorrect in some respect. The original caption was correct
in placing the shot opposite West Ealing Station.
However West Ealing Station is on Drayton Green Road not
Drayton Bridge Rd as claimed. The corrected caption is also wrong.
Argyle Rd only begins after the junction with Manor Road at the far
end of the bridge.

In Hue and Cry when the boys are mobilised, the boys on the
ice cream bikes all pour out (Pics anyone?) of The Grove, Ealing onto
St Mary's Road, the corner they go around is about 100
yards across Ealing Green from the entrance to Ealing Studios.
This corner featured in the recent looting in Ealing
when the roof of the building on the corner went up in flames.

I suspect the house where the gang hide out in Hue and Cry is
in the same area behind Ealing Broadway as was used for
Inspector Morse's house and may be also be used in Lewis.

(Any clues anyone?)

Michael Adams

And there is a pub in Ealing High Street, called the Basil Dearden. A pint anyone?

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