Friday, July 27, 2012


A ReelStreets viewer informed me...

Picture 1 Location Information: I notice that the 'now' picture shown is, I'm almost certain, my picture taken from the Google/StreetView/ Geograph/BritMovie etc etc website owner/editor of the site I apologise for our use of your photo without acknowlegment. I am very aware of the serious nature of infringement of copyright and intellectual property theft, and, although your photos on the above site are free to use it is only common courtesy to acknowlege their source.  I am constantly querying my submitters about 'their' photos, but this one slipped through. I will of course add acknowlegements to you and the site.

Apologies again.

So prospective submitters, check your sources, if you get me to publish pictures that belong to someone else, I’ll squeal and drop you right in it when they start pulling my fingernails out. Be warned.