Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Gentle Sex

From a fan...

I was watching an old film called 'The Gentle Sex' one afternoon a year or two back, made in 1943 and following a group of British women doing their bit for the war effort.
 .........Ok, stars, director, date, film production company you should find on

 Lo and behold, the vehicle convoy passes through a section of Slough which I recognised straight away........and that's what this detecting, nostalgic site is all about.

It's Chalvey, and the convoy is crossing under the railway bridge.  I wasn't born until several years after the film was made, but the bridge has hardly changed.  So, the next time I was over that way I took a 'now' picture, more for my own curiousity really........excellent, and now you're off!!!

I see that you haven't got this film listed on your website, but can easily do so when we receive the info from you.

I have no idea how to get the 'then' shot........generally by playing the film through your computer, making the image "full screen" and pressing the key marked something like Prt Scrn....Print Screen...perhaps. Usually situated on the top line of the keyboard to the right of the F numbers.

This old film does come up on afternoon TV every few, next time, grab it.

 It's a bit dated and corny, but a good old watch if you like that sort of thing......content and plot are not even secondary considerations, the architectural detail is everything.

  Any good to you?.......of course. We're holding our breath