Monday, July 29, 2013

Save Goldhawk Road Shops

When perusing this site it is always sad to see nearly unrecognisable "now shots" held together by one or two surviving reference points.
 We now all have the chance to preserve a location from one of the best loved seventies films.Hammersmith and Fulham council want to demolish a row of Victorian shops in Goldhawk Road W12."A.COOKES" pie and mash shop (Est 1899) is one of the shops that will disappear.Quadrophenia fans will of course know that this where Phil Daniels and Ray Winstone meet up after encountering each other in the baths and realise they are adherents of different youth cults,somewhat souring their reunion.
 There are no exterior shots in the film but I for one do not want to see thriving businesses,let alone historic film locations,make way for another soulless block of expensive flats.They are of no use to local residents,film fans,mods and lovers of a fast disappearing traditional nosh up
 Whenever I find a film location thats largely demolished a wave of sadness comes over me,we all love old films and old film locations,we now have the chance to help save one.
 Please sign the petition here