Saturday, May 17, 2014

Some Reelstreets, and other films, last week, this week and next week on UK TV

Did you see them? If not, many of their locations are here on Reel Streets, and if they are not yet discovered, can you help us find them?

Passport to Pimlico, Against the Wind, Young Winston, Four Feathers, The Lady Vanishes,

The 39 Steps, In Which We Serve, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woof?, Goodbye Mr Chips, The Importance of Being Ernest, Billion Dollar Brain, Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Lifeboat, The Conversation, Notting Hill, The Birds, Clockwork Orange, Oliver Twist, League of Gentlemen, Malta Story, The Gentle Gunman and probably several others.

Are you interested in the filming locations? There are many that we haven't spotted, can you identify them? Have you taken any photos? Are there any films that we should add to the list? Will you pull the “then” stills so that we can add them?

And this week; Malta Story, Crooks Anonymous, The Black Tent, League of Gentlemen, Hobson's Choice, all coming to a screen near you, and available here on ReelStreets, the largest provider in the world of real, comparative and illustrated movie and film locations, with almost 28,000 photos.