Monday, June 30, 2014

Location information received last week.

Our Server problems appear to be behind us and we have, hopefully, made all the necessary amendments that were outstanding. Thank you to all those that were so patient with us. Last week we were able to add at least Google Images to support all the information provided including that from Nick Farmer concerning The Big Sleep and screen shot bs014 in particular.  Nick, who served at Marylebone Lane Police Station until 1977 also provided us with this additional interesting background information.

"When you watch the film the scene after Roger Mitchum enters the Police station and meets Richard Todd and John Mills is the ground floor Charge Room and the cell passage can be seen to the rear. The next scene is on the first floor, in what was the old CID Office. Note the curtains are drawn as it is meant to be at night. At times the local Police, then at their New Police Station in Seymour Street (now also closed) had to go down to Marylebone Lane Police Station and explain to "tourists" that we had moved, although it appeared open, as the film crew had actors in uniform!"

Many thanks for that Nick.