Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Does Vincent Price thrill you, or make your blood curdle?

Which ever it is we can, perhaps, add to your experience as we have been in correspondence with Peter Fuller, curator of The Sound of Vincent Price blog and the Vincent Price Journal. With the benefit of all that knowledge he also conducts walks in London based on Vincent Price's connection there, including Theatre of Blood and has been kind enough to acknowledge the help that Reelstreets has given him in pinpointing some of the more obscure locations. He has recently won a Rondo Award for his blog My First Trip Abroad - Vincent Price (July-August) 1928) which can be found at:

Peter is currently writing a feature about the locations for his blog as well as for The Spooky Isles website.

If you want to further sink your teeth into something meaty have a look at:

http://thesoundofvincentprice.blogspot.co.uk and http://kultguyskeep.wordpress.com

We wish you further success with your blogs.