Friday, May 20, 2011


Where do you live?

Was a film or TV series ever made in your area? A bit of research on line under town name, locations, films and movies often brings interesting, unusual and intriguing results. Your could even type in your home town, county or country in our search facility and see which films or TV series are already on line. Be aware of the fact that many supposed “City” locations mentioned in the titles have nothing to do with the real towns. CSI Miami is filmed in Hollywood, with a second unit, stripping in location shots. Maybe it’s the same with NYPD and others.
Grab your camera and take the current views, the now shots. Send them in and we’ll add them.
The holidays are coming up and film induced tourism is one of the more popular reasons for visiting places you’ve never been to. Film and TV destinations holidays give a theme and a reason for travelling. Would Angels and Demons inspire you to visit Rome. Cheap flights from Stanstead, Luton, Bristol and Manchester puts you in the eternal city after just a two hour flight.
Maybe you already have a favourite film that we haven’t yet loaded, tell us, and with your help, to pull the original grabs or stills we can add it.
Or, if you can’t make the journey, or take the photos, then tell us, and we’ll try and find someone who can. Look at the tremendous work Neil Rigby has done with the French Connection, throughout Europe and also in the US.
Everyone has a film site within a couple of hours, the sun is about to shine again, so, don’t just think about it, do it, and get your name in “lights” on our site.
Destination holidays and film induced tourism is the modern form of pilgrimage, walking in the footsteps of the famous, and, if it appeals to you, you can stand in the place of the actors, get yourself photographed and become immortalised on our site.