Friday, February 29, 2008

Taste of Honey

Hi - I'm a new member and I'm pretty sure the gas works you can see in A Taste Of Honey (TOH16) is Bradford Gasworks in Manchester.
The photo I have sent is from a different angle and shows ...from consultation with my dad...All Souls Church - it's technically Ancoats (Every Street). In the film, the back of the church is on the far left of the still. Also see the thin pipe/chimney on the side of the tower, on the modern photo slightly obscured by the church.
Incidentally the main white tower was knocked down in 2002 for the land clearance of the Commenwealth Games.
Great website by the way - cheers
Chris Wright

Thursday, February 28, 2008

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The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (update)

Hi John

Slight amendment to the info I gave you:

It's actually Queens Gate Terrace @ the junction with Gloucester Road, Elvaston Place runs parallel & is just south of QGT.

Sorry for the confusion, I use both these roads frequently & got them mixed up. BTW, the buildings in Queens Gate Terrace (behind the line of taxis) are still there so it's a very identifiable location.

Also from The Spy Who Came In From The Cold:
I didn't mention this as I thought it too obvious. Richard Burton takes a taxi, pays the driver & then buys a packet of cigarettes from a vending machine. He then crosses to the other side of the road.

This is Fleet Street EC4 looking towards Ludgate Hill. As he crosses the road the building is the old Daily Telrgraph HQ, still there & unchanged except now it's known as Peterborough Court.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Carry On Again Doctor

Picture coad002 is the portico entrance to Heatherden Hall, Iver Heath (Pinewood Studios).

Nick Williams


The robbery chase scene in this film where they are side by side with another car on a sharp left hand was filmed in Wildridings, Bracknell, on the edge of the Southern Industrial estate. As is the scene when they are casing the job and "loiter with the intent to make a telephone call" is film 200 yards along the road further in the southern industrial estate.

I have much more information with regards to the carry on film locations and Norman Wisdom film locations and Bless this house film locations and the Sean Connery film The Offence (1972) around Maidenhead, Windsor and Bracknell and will endeavour to supply the pictures of these scenes in the near future. If they are of interest to you and your subscribers.

Regards Anne

Secret Partner

Re picture st007 from the Secret Partner. I believe the vehicle is a Nash Metropolitan, then an American Motors company.

Roy Barnacle


You are being busy....................haven't you any work to do????

Thanks again


Monday, February 25, 2008

Eye of the Needle

I believe the canal scenes in Eye of the Needle are the River Wey Navigation, between Guildford & Pyrford. Nothing looks that romantic and bucolic in Scotland!


Thanks for this, we'll add it. My staff had a funny turn when they grabbed the pictures for this film, they included the pics without an actor and left out all the pics of the island and its buildings. We'll get round to amending it one day.


Friday, February 22, 2008

A Taste of Honey / A Kind of Loving

My name is Simon Hopes residing in Manchester about 3 miles from where a lot of the film A Taste of Honey was shot. Mostly filmed in Manchester are all predominately taken in the Miles Platting which is right on the edge of the city centre hemmed in by the city and the areas of Clayton and Beswick. I've discovered quite a few that are still there and I hope to take some "now" stills very soon.

Just to start the ball rolling the shot toho11c was filmed on Cambrian Street off Ashton new road and is [at the moment], untouched from the days of filming.

A lot of the canal scenes attributed to the ship canal on the stills aren't the ship canal at all. They were filmed on the canal that runs through the above districts. Most were filled in during the 60's, but incredibally have been re-opened in the last few years and are [of course] on the same route. If you look closely you can see the differance on some shots because the canal is only so wide and not capable of fitting a ship on.

The gasommeters on the stills were located on Bradford Road in Miles Platting on land very close to where Manchester City's new City of Manchester stadium is now. Only one survives, the others [the taller ones] were demolished in the mid 90's.

This area was also used to film scenes in "A Kind of Loving" - the scene wear Vic runs away from his sister's new house to be with Ingrid [I think], the 60's maisonette where it was filmed is still there, minus it's top floor and the mill in the background with a castellated tower is the only one of originally 4 that was not burned to the ground,[I should know, I'm a fireman].

Like I say, soon when I have leave, I'll take some shots and send them in.

One last thing,so little has changed in parts of the area that "Life on Mars", the 1970's themed drama, was filmed in certain locations that were also used on "A Taste of Honey"

Thanks Simon.

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold


I don't think there's an appeal for info on this one, but I do know of a location scene in The Spy Who Came in From The Cold (1965).

..............All info on all the vintage films is always helpful, and appreciated.

At 31 minutes into the film Richard Burton's character steps off a bus & crosses to the taxi rank in the middle of the road. He then takes the taxi to Chelsea.

This was shot in Elvaston place SW7. The taxi he boards is facing west & in the shot is a row of shops just ahead at the junction. This is Gloucester Road.

The taxi rank is no longer there by the way & buses do not travel along this road. At least not any more!

The street in Chelsea may be Glebe Place SW3 but I'll have to wait till I am there next to check this out.

Also, 'Truscotts Corner' earlier in the film (just prior to the Labour Exchange scene) is the junction of Westbourne Grove & Chepstow Road W2.

Unchanged save for the name on the shop, except now it's in colour!

He receives a job offer in Candahar Road Battersea which is not the subject of location filming but strangeley enough it does exist, just after the railway bridge in Battersea Park Road.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Two Way Stretch

The gatehouse scenes for picture tw002 were filmed at South Cavalry Barracks in Aldershot. The bulk of the barracks was demolished in the 60s but the gatehouse and guardroom have been preserved.

Sent in by Ross. Thanks to him.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Poor Cow

The John Collier shop in pic 006 is almost certainly (99%) in King St Hammersmith on the corner of Bridge Avenue. I worked in the office above the shop from 1972 to 1975! The larger white shop further back used to be Richard Shops.

Sue Beach

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Taste of Honey

There is a scene where Jo (Rita Tushingham) and and her friend Geoffrey (Murray Melvin) are seen sitting on some tomebstones in a church yard. This church is St Mary's parish Church in the Stockport Market area.

There is a link:

Kevin Eden

Well spotted Kevin, all the pics are on the subscriber's side of the site.
Yanks was also made nearby.

John Tunstill

Ah right. Yes I was in the crowd for Yanks, they let us a day off school to go and scream and shout.


Thursday, February 07, 2008



Just to say the cathedral where Damien goes mad and where Gregory Peck briefly steps out - only for them to leave again in the ambassador's car is in fact The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Guildford.

The funeral at the end was filmed in the American section at Brookwood Cemetery.

Best wishes


Monday, February 04, 2008

DVD of "Fright"

Received today, from an unknown admirer, a DVD of "Fright". Posted in Guildford. No name and no address.

But thank you, whoever you are.

Best wishes

John Tunstill

Friday, February 01, 2008

Sweeney 2

I would have thought this was filmed in west, not east, London? The murder/ suicide ending was filmed in a house where I had a bedsit (just after I moved out, at 44 Longridge Road, Earls Court).