Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happiest Days of Your Life

Happiest Days of your Life 1950 , Alastair Sim, Joyce Grenfell Margaret Rutherford
I am trying to locate the school in question

So far indications are that it was Little Abbey Preparatory School, Langley Court, Liss near Petersfield. I've drawn a blank on further info. Can you help?
Thanks Simon Ellis

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Re: ASTONISHED HEART 1949 Noel Coward
I think pic No. 3 (London Park)

is near the Stevenage Rd entrance to Bishop's Park, Fulham SW6. The urns are long gone but the balustrade (and those trees) are still there. I'll have a closer look when I head back there - and hopefully get you a photo.
Best wishes, Selvy Emmanuel

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Passport to Pimlico


Did you know also that Genevieve was filmed in the same area?
Westminster Bridge was used in numerous pictures and, of course, Frenzy started off at the GLC headquarters and File of the Golden Goose was done in The Cut, or Lower Marsh to give it its proper title.

Its a funny thing, but I didn't realise you had covered Passport to Pimlico till after I had sent the email and I'd studied the site a bit more.

I found your site today as someone had linked to one my photo's on one of The Sweeney bulletin boards. Episode called Hunter/Hunted might have been filmed in pre Canary Wharf Docklands, so I'm going to get a copy of the episode and check it out.

Another Ealing film I'm interested in is "Hue and Cry" set in Shadwell but filmed all over the place I suspect.


last days of dolwyn

Last Days of Dolwyn

Shot at Lake Vyrnwy apparently...

I thought it looked familiar though I'm not sure what the dams actually called? .. 'Lake Vyrnwy Dam' perhaps"

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Constant Husband

Dear John,

I came across your site this afternoon after a wonderul two hours watching "Blow Up" and I've been browsing happily for the past hour. As I live in Deptford and wander the streets of Lewisham, Greenwich and Woolwich fairly regularly it's been fairly obvious where some of the already recognised streets are.

..................good stuff eh!

I work in Chelsea so many of those locations are quite familiar also, annoyingly however I think I can tell you about one of the locations you seem to be having trouble recognising and I can't get there!

.................not perhaps for Blow Up, but for Constant Husband I assume

I was born and bred in the depths of west Wales and I even had the wonderful experience of going back there to do my degree and I am sure that I have recognised the opening scenes of the Constant Husband as Aberaeron in Cardiganshire.

.................mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I was told last week that it was New Quay

The first scenes are down by the harbour, heading back inland to the main road. There may be some pictures of the place online somewhere as it is a very popular destination for tourists.

...................and the opening pub scene is a house now called Mildraeth, and a pic was sent

Obviously as i am stuck in SE London I can't take any photos but if a finders fee is available.......!!!

...............but as you see, one's memory plays tricks. I've done it myself. Absolutely sure of a location, until I try and find it. I used to pay a finder's fee, £5.00, but got caught too many times. So, if you have an address, keep it to yourself until you have photo evidence, then, BINGO, a tenner!

Nice site
Tim Griffiths

..............Thanks all the same, and best wishes
...............John Tunstill

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Constant Husband Photo 18

Hi John
Going through the films and came across number 18 in Constant Husband,

the shot of the lady sitting in the car is taken in Grosvenor Road SW1, just west of the junction with Claverton Street, looking across to the cranes which unloaded coal for Battersea Power Station, believe they are still there. The bridge in the background is Grosvenor Railway Bridge ( Victoria Station).

............yes, I'm sure you're correct

The modern day photo is taken from Millbank looking across to Albert Embankment.

...........yes, quite right

I dont have photo but trust me on this one.

..........have I doubted you before?

Sorry if it dampens someone fire but I thought it right to point it out.
David Burns fires dampened, but I paid a tenner in error. Hey ho, the pleasures of being the webmaster and paymaster. BUT I'd always rather be corrected than leave a false trail

........thanks again, and we'll blog the letter and get my techie to take away the incorrect photo


Hello, John!

Thanks for the occasional news letter ... we're always pleased to hear from you.

A title occurred to me which might be added to your list of films in the Midlands section.

Tony Garnett directed PROSTITUTE in 1980 (I had a small part in it, if you'll pardon the expression!) which featured various Birmingham locations.

It did get a full general release ... in fact, I remember spending a good proportion of my fee on a ticket to see it at the ABC Bristol Street in Birmingham!

Strangely enough, I was running a (very) small catering equipment company at the time and I made more money from the hire fee for a tea urn for the production office than I did for my appearance in the film!

Best wishes,
Terry & Sue
Quadbod media memorabilia

A Kid for Two Farthings

Just discovered your website and want to congratulate you on doing a
great job. It needed doing!


Can you please clarify something for me? What has happened to the end of street house belonging to Mrs Wilberforce as featured in Ladykillers? Where exactly was it located?
Pic 7 is the view from where the house was supposed to be, and pic 11, coming shortly to this screen, is the tunnel entrance behind the house, the set.

..............also somewhere on the Blog are more references to the film and the sites
Tuesday November 23 2004
Tuesday December 21 2004
Wednesday April 13 2005

In the 1950s, a film was made set in the East End called A Kid for Two Farthings.

............yes, listed under categories London E - L

It starred Diana Dors and also featured the Italian boxer Primo Carnera. There were a lot of outside scenes and in that repect, it was similar to Passport to Pimlico. It appears to have been set in Petticoat Lane, though its hard to tell because of extensive bomb damage.

............yes Petticoat Land, Algate East etc.

Just wondered if you have any knowledge of this film and want to add it to your list!

...............yes it is there under categories, London E-L, and is one of more than a hundred and fifty films waiting to go up on site, when they have been viewed, individual scenes selected, brightness, contrast and size adjusted, titles written, entered onto the site, "now" photos collected, viewers queries answered, cheques written, and despatched..............etc, etc, etc. In my spare time I attempt to run the other half dozen web sites, build houses, run a lead soldier business, a postcard business and a luxury country house. On my days off I start the whole process again! During the month of December, January and February I am offering a return flight, collection/delivery, and a week's board and lodging in Umbria to a competant film sleuth who is willing to devote eight hours each day working on the computer to help with the above tasks. Maybe you are he?

Thanks for your time, Pete pleasure
..........Best wishes
............John Tunstill

children of the damned

Hi John

It is Black Prince Road, London , SE11. off of Albert Embankment.

................(David is referring to Pic 4, Children of the Damned, and we've answered more than 80 emails since he wrote in two days ago..............I wonder how we do it!)

As you turn into Black Prince Road from Albert Embankment after about 100 yards on the left is South Bank House. The shot is taken from virtually opposite the entrance to South Bank House, which is visible on left hand side in the photo. Not sure what the building was then but its a multi office suite now with lots of companies. My wife and I used to have a small business in the mid 80's based in that building.

...............just the stuff we want. Well done!

Maybe you know someone who lives close by to take photo and next time I am up that way I will try to take a shot myself.

..............well, as ever, it's open season on photos, first come first gets the prize, early birds and worms etc. But you'd be really surprised at how many offers I get from folk who have information, photos, reminiscences, live near a reel street etc etc, but never actually come up with the goods. But you've come up trumps with this address. I used to live in the area, Kennington Road, near Passport to Pimlico site, but couldn't identify this pic from "Children"

I was going through the films on your site and though you dont have any stills from Half a Sixpence the opening sequence which features a view to a church is Aylesford in Kent taken from south of the River Medway, which cuts through the village, there is shot of the ancient bridge not long closed to traffic but still open to pedestrians.

..............can you do me a copy of the film, if you have one, and I can swop it for something else. Can't actually BUY it because of piracy laws etc.

I can take a photo if you want as its not far from me, I live in Maidstone.

...........excellent stuff, yes please, but do look at the techie requirements on our home page please.

I must compliment your site,

..........thankyou, most kind

I really enjoy trying to work out locations which drives my family mad especially as I have Sky+ .

.........surely some of our greatest pleasures must come from causing our nearest and dearest aggravation!

Anyway hope above helps.
David Burns

..........yes indeed, thanks David best wishes John

Friday, November 11, 2005


Hello there
Regarding the film ‘ Train Of Events ’ – many of the scenes showing the steam locos on shed and outside were filmed at Willesden, NW10 and some of the freight yard scenes were at nearby Stonebridge Park. The collision scene was staged at Wolverton, Bucks, with the locally well known ‘Blue Bridge’ (still extant) in the background.

Frank Cheevers

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a taste of honey

Hi John

I have'nt forgotten you. I will send you some things on the above film shortly. Quite by chance I came across a liverpool shot film "Dangerous Youth" aka These Dangerous Years ,1957 on the net. Some nice shots of my homecity but looks suspiciously like tv film. By the way Violent Payground 1956 was shot in Liverpool as your site rightly says. However the main domestic scenes were shot at GERARD GARDENS not Gerard Crescent as you claim. Gerard Gardens was a very famous tenemant building near the city centre,it was demolished in the late 1970s, it was based on the workers flats in Vienna.Also THANK A FOOL was partly filmed in North Liverpool with views over to New Brighton and it's famous Tower Ballroom fairground.As the film was made in 1961/62 it's even possible The Beatles were playing the Tower Ballroom that evening!!

I'll be in touch shortly

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to all our readers!

Our first anniversary, Happy Birthday to all our readers!
We've had now about 1 200 000 hits on the site, and it is hugely more popular than any of my other sites.

Thanks to Brian for much of the legwork, and Mike, Ruth and Terry for the techwork

We've got about 70 films up now, with another 20/30 waiting to be scanned copied and entered, for which we have many of the Now pics

On average each film has 15 then pics and 10 now pics. So for a hundred films some 2 500 images!

And this is only year one.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Reelstreets - New films up on site

Hi again John,

Basically, I wrote to say that over the years I have travelled to Bolton many times, as believe it or not, I have a very good family friend, who actually appeared in the 1969 film - Spring & Port Wine. In fact, back in April, I met up with another of it's stars, LEN JONES, (He played young Wilf (the youngest of the Crompton family)) and we travelled up to Bolton together and visited a locations and Len shared a few memories of his time making the film with James Mason & Susan George etc. We were even interviewed by the local papers who did an article on the days events. On more than one occasion, I have travelled around Bolton and covered 99.9% of the locations used photographically.


golden goose

Mmmnnn..... Have not got a modern pic of this but how about one from the nineteen thirties?
Courtesy of European visual archives.

Brian Tunstill

Dam Busters

Dear Sir/Madam

The photos you have of the dam depict the twin towers of the Derwent dam in the Derbyshire Peak District. It was photographed in the summer of 1954, during the making of the film, probably from the camera aircraft (an RAF Vickers Varsity on loan to ABPC), by either Erwin Hillier (director of photography), or more likely by Gilbert Taylor (special effects photographer). You can just see the Lancaster disappearing over the top of the wall.

It shows one of the training phase in England with dummy bouncing bombs, leading up to the actual dams raid itself.

The aircraft is Lancaster Mk VII, NX782, the only one of the four Lancs used in the film to be retained in its original configuration, and not converted to resemble a ‘dam buster’ Lanc.

If you need any more information can I refer you to my recently published book, Filming The Dam Busters (£20, Sutton, 2005).


Jonathan Falconer Senior Commissioning Editor - Aviation & Military Titles