Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Dear Mr Tunstill

Watching Diana Coupland on UK tv tonight led me to think of "Spring and Port Wine" which in turn led me to your marvellous site (through Google).

May I add some information relating to two scottish based films?

Street scenes in Battle of the Sexes were filmed mainly in Edinburgh. the early scenes show Peter Sellers skulking about staircases off the Royal Mile and in the "New Town". I recorded the film from TV months ago but could kick myself for not keeping it!

You`re only young Twice ( with a very young Ronnie Corbett) had scenes shot in the cloisters of Glasgow University and in the main University staircase.

These films usually pop up on weekday afternoons so I`m sure to see them again.

What a wonderful site you have.

David Millar

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the long memory

The Long Memory
Is the London Station Victoria perhaps?
My first instinct - plus there's a poster for the Bournemouth Belle!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Leather Boys

Photo of Mark Wilsmore, owner and manager of the Ace Cafe, which appeared in "The Leather Boys", and who provided the information regarding the location of the stills 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Thanks Mark.

The Key

I stayed at your house a couple of weeks ago whilst researching for then and now pictures for The Ship That Died of Shame, and you kindly left me a message about your memories of the Key.

Thank you so much, It is this kind of personal item that makes the quest so pleasurable. John Tunstill

Glad to be of help...I was 10 and my father was the band leader at the Gloucester Hotel where Sophia Loren and William Holden were staying so he met them and said how pleasant they both were. Apparently, Trevor Howard was not so pleasant!! They were here for about 3 weeks and it was around June as I recall. The most memorable part for me was this huge white Cadillac that was parked outside the hotel to take William Holden to and from the film set.

Regards, Tony

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hue and Cry

When looking at search results for Victorian London I spotted early photo of Farringdon St taken from Ludgate Circus and there halfway mid distance right righthand side is your tower;

....................my tower, which tower, which film, which still number? We've got about 50 films up on site, and each, on average has 15 shots, some 750 in total, so, please, give me a clue to which, what, when and where.

of that I'm sure.

...................If only I could be.

Could it be that he's standing in Farringdon Ave or Holborn Place?

................He? He who Fred?

Fred Start

I apologize:not concentrating. Harry Fowler,film 'Hue and Cry' and endeavouring to answer your caption question "Is it Tower Bridge

Picture 11, absolutely amazing................is it still there I wonder. Exceedingly well spotted.
Thanks John

enthusiastic location sleuths

The summer sunshine obviously brought you all out of your hidey holes. Pictures are coming in thick and fast, and we are about two months behind with the work, so please for the following films;

Pic_8-now? Corner of Earl’s Court Road and Pembroke Place, but the only point of reference is the raised pavement. So as I’m not convinced, no payment for this one, sorry.
Pic_16_now_Chepstow Gardens, London W. The bus must be on a “diversion”. Good shot from James Keeper, thankyou, £10.00.
Pic_22/23 should read Sparkford House, not Spackford.

Pic_8_now_Pottery Lane, Jimmy Long took the picture, but is the number 39 missing?.
Pic_11_now_The Zetland Arms, as was, at the end of Pottery Lane.
Pic_33_now_Pottery Lane, London W, one of four from Jimmy Long.
Pic_34_now_ Pottery Lane again, thanks Jimmy.
Pic_35_now_ Pottery Lane, the same angle as pic 8, but closer and with the “39”. Four pics and £40.00 to Jimmy Long.

Pic_1_now_ underpass at Trinity Road, Wandsworth, there are four of them, so you can take your pick. £10.00 to Brad Stevens. Location in Tony Reeves’ book on London Locations.
Pic_2_now_ same, or similar underpass, same place, wide angle lens. Two shots, same place, one fee.
Pic_3_now_ Thamesmead South, near Woolwich SE London. Location Tony Reeves, photo Carl Morrison, £10.00.
Pic_4_now_ Thamesmead South, Southmere Lake, thanks Carl, £20.00
Pic_5_now_ Same Place, same lake, but a bit further along,, £30.00 to Carl.
Pic_7_now_ Chelsea Embankment, Albert Bridge, first of three, featuring, - you know who -, John Tunstill! (cheers from the audience). Taken by Brian Tunstill, who doesn’t get paid!
Pic_ 8_now_ JT by BT.
Pic _9_now_ same again.
Pic 10_now_ under the Albert Bridge.

Pic_1_ don’t know, Wales?
Pic_2_ same.
Pic_3_ same.
Pic_4_ same.
Pic_5_ same.
Pic_6_ same.
Pic_7_ same.
Pic_8_ another don’t know.
Pic_9_ the Olympia end of Kensington High Street, London W.
Pic_9­_­now, first photo of a set by George Murphey.
Pic_10_ same again.
Pic_10_now, second in the set.
Pic_11_now, again by George, but same place, therefore one prize.
Pic_12_once more.
Pic_12_now, once more from George.
Pic_13_now, ditto, thanks George.
Pic_14_ the same
Pic_14_now, the same, from George Murphey, £10.00 in total.
Pic_15_ Thames House, Millbank, London W.
Pic_15_now, George still sleuthing, thanks, £10.00 for this.
Pic_16_ Millbank once more.
Pic_16_now, from George.
Pic_17_ Millbank, again.
Pic_17_now, From George.
Pic_18_Millbank again, but looking upstream.
Pic_18_now, with double red “no stopping” lines, thanks George, another £10.00.
Pic_19_probably the forecourt of Wormwood Scrubbs Prison.
Pic_20_and probably the same.
Pic_21_the Old Bailey, London.
Pic_22_same place
Pic_23_probably the same place again.
Pic_24_ front door, the “Scrubbs”.
Pic_24_now, the “Scrubbs”, George took this, £10.00.
Pic_25_ “Scrubbs” forecourt.
Pic_26_”Scrubbs” front door.
Pic_27_ the pathway between the prison and the hospital.
Pic_27_now, passageway/roadway between the prison and the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, known as the Hammersmith Hospital………….geddit?
Well spotted George, not an easy one £X0.00 for these pics, thankyou.

Pic_8_now_Mount Street Gardens, London, W1, good one, Bryn Thomas, £10.00.
Pic_18_now_Taken outside 93a Harley Street, London, W1, which is actually in Weymouth Street! Well sleuthed, Peter Greenman, £10.00.

Pics_5_and 6, nothing original left but the road pattern.

Pic_2_now_Belgrave Mews West (replace this snip to show the church spire in background), the same church appears in the Servant. Location from PC D669 Steve Kent, thanks Steve.
Pic_3_now_Crosvenor Crescent and Wilton Crescent, London W1.
Pic_4_now_The same, but closer.
Pic_5_now_The view of the front door with Belgrave Square in the background.
Pic_6_now_Wilton Crescent
Pic_7_Much the same as Pic_3.
Pic_8_now_ Grosvenor Cres. SW1.
Pic_10_now_Barack Yard, behind the Grenadier pub, off Wilton Crescent.
Pic_11_now_Barrack Yard.
Pic_15_Wilton Row, SW1, London.

Mike / Ruth, Is the still on site? Cameras and Ralph Richardson?

Pic_8_now_Portobello Road Market, location by Tony Reeves. Photo Jack Smart £10.00
Pic_9_now_Closer, closer, another Smart photo.
Pic_10_now_Slightly different angle, thanks Smartie.
Pic_11_now_Kensington Park Road, W 11, photo Jack, another £10.00
Pic_12_now_Kensington Park Road, location Tony Reeves, Jack’s photo, £10.00
Pic_13_now_Same place.

Pic_31_now_The Thames at Greenwich. Photo Gordon Hallam, £10.00.
Pic_3X_now_ The Greenwich Naval Hospital, Gordon again, thankyou, but “statelyhome”?
Pic_3X_now_ Same place, different view, “stately home”, but good foreground, £20.00 in all.

Pic_8_now_Acton Town Station, Gunnersbury Lane, West London. £10.00 to Peter Mayhew.

4 shots

8 shots


1 pic

about 25/ 20 photos

3/4 pics

20 pics

2 pics

6 pics

2 pics

0 pics

20/30 pics

0 pics

1 pic

3 pics

3 pics

6 pics

3 pics

and others are coming in every day. So please, check first before you spend time and energy.


If you have a favourite film with localities suitable for our site, that we haven’t yet put on site and you can pull some stills from the film and produce photos to match, then, as ever, we’ll pay a tenner for each. But let us know before you expend a large amount of time or effort, just in case someone else is working on the same film.

Many of our original stills will have been included on site as “establishing” shots, to enable everyone to better identify the shot which contains the actor and which often zoomed into close up.

RULES, as ever;

Film made/released twenty or more years ago, therefore 1985 or before.
Film made for cinema showing.
Original, final, snip to contain an actor’s image.
Panoramas, composite shots and establishing shots will all be regarded as a single entry and only be eligible for one fee, prize or premium.

Payment will be made when the photos, your photos, appear on site, which will take at least a month from when you send them in. Please allow another month for cheques to be written, sent, and received from Italy, where I live. Then, if you still haven’t received anything, then, tell us.


please check before you snap. Your efforts are really appreciated, but if someone gets there first, they get the prize. Check first and don't duplicate effort.

Happy sleuthing

John Tunstill


The location of the IPCRESS file pictures is the rear of Shepherd's Bush police station, Stanlake Villas junction with Stanlake Rd London W12.

I have old and new picture locations of the late seventies retro film Quadrophenia, these film stills are also from Shepherd's Bush.


1. Now


2. Now


3. Now


4. Now


5. Now

file of the golden goose....

fair enough comment about piccadilly, but as it is on the site i sent a photo for you....and i took your advice.......enclosed is picture 6 from` file of the golden goose`....yet again scaffolding ruins the photo....as you can see the 2 black vents are still there at the bottom....and next door the restuarant has changed named now ormonds...expensive too....hope you like the pixx...i have more very soon.....cioa,,,john......kurt

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sons of the Sea

Just added to the film list this classic British picture - the first to be shot in Dufaycolor (1939. Locations are the Dartmouth and Churston areas of Devon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The night we got the bird

The Railway station used in 'The night we got the bird' may be Bishopstone on the Lewes to Seaford line.
Bishopstone station is about 12 miles east of Brighton and is the only station I know of in Sussex that was built in this style . I'll try and pop down there and gets some photos.
Cheers, Will

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Searching the web for old photos of Covent Garden Market I came across your site with pics of the film 'Frenzy'

Thought might like to know that it was my father who was a Covent garden porter at the time provided Mr Hitchcock with all the props, boxes, barrows, etc.

My dad made enought money to take us on our first foreign holiday, I've shown the site to my Father and has brought many happy memories.

Thanks Regards
John Watts

Millions Like Us

I believe the seaside pier featured on your "Millions Like Us" page is at Eastbourne.

Compare your image with that given at:
Eastbourne Pier
Although reversed, the images look awfully similar!
I also think the seafront scene, with the overhanging hotel canopy, is at Eastbourne.
Compare your photo with:
Again, although the images are reversed, the buildings look very similar.
So, presumably the town featured in the film is Eastbourne!

The following shows an image of the Eastbourne seafront and pier
I believe the building with the canopy is (now) known as the Cavendish Hotel and is located on the corner of Grand Parade and Devonshire Place, close to the pier.

A closeup of the hotel is shown in :


Monday, September 12, 2005

The Family Way

The scenes both with Arthur and Jenny meeting at the Travel Agents & meeting the crowds when the coach fails to show and also the night scene on the steps where all filmed in Town Hall Square in Bolton. The flower shop is around the corner between Le Mans Crescent and Deansgate, also the bus drops off Jenny on her way to her uncles at the bottom of the steps leading to Grisdale Road where Spring and Port Wine was filmed. The front of the Fitton House is in Rochdale near to the football stadium also the Marriage guidance counsellors office is in Rochdale also. Jenny's residence is also in the Grisdale Road area of Bolton although I have not found the actual house as yet. The gasworks (the scene that Mr Fitton walks down a cobbled street and through the gates) are Bolton gasworks near Chorley Old Road in Bolton although the gates are now bricked up it is still very similar today.


Kind of Loving

The hospital used in a Kind of Loving internally and externally is Blackburn Royal Infirmary on Bolton Road in Blackburn which is still identical today although is closing during 2006 to be hopefully changed into flats, also the footbridge which Vic Brown walks over was I believe in Bolton (Johnson Street Footbridge) but was demolished in 1980.

The factory where Vic Brown works (Dawson Whitakers) is located on Phillips Park Road in Blackburn it was called Mullards and made valves for radio sets at the time of filming, (some interior scenes were also filmed here) it is still there now but the factory has been broken up into smaller units now. The bus that Vic travels home on was a Blackburn Corporation vehicle and was brand new at the time of filming. The shopping centre is Millers Arcade in Preston which is identical today.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

Stills for the movie Sparrows Can't Sing

I can help you with a couple of your stills – I was born and grew up in the east end, and my grandmother May Scagnelli played the role of Gran in this movie. She is the woman behind the vegetable stall next to Harry H. Corbett in your still #14.


She owned a café in Angel Lane, Stratford and fed a lot of these actors when they were with Joan Littlewood at the Theatre Royal in Stratford. I am sure that still #48 is Wentworth Street in Aldgate (nr Petticoat Lane).

.................nest time I go for a salt beef sandwich, that you probably call pastrami now I'll take a look.

Still #19 looks like the Salway Arms in Salway Road, Stratford.

..............that at least is a good clue. My brother and I drove around the area for a couple of hours, asked dozens of people and found nothing at all. We'll go back next time I'm in London and look again.

I can probably find out where the swing bridge is – I know that some of the movie was filmed in the Iron Bridge Tavern in Limehouse, and there is a part in it where Queenie Watts is singing in the pub.

............someone last week identified the bridge, his letter should soon be up on the blog.

You might be interested to know that I went to the premier of the film at the Mile End Odeon – I was just a little girl, but I remember that Princess Alexandra came to opening.

..........such memories, I often went to the same cinema when I was reviewing films for my magazine Miniature Warfare, but some 30 years ago.

By the way, I think that your still of Kossofs may be the one in Petticoat Lane. There is still a Kossofs in Petticat Lane, but not the one in the picture. I walked past there in February of 2005.

............thanks for this as well.

I live in the USA, but can check on the other locations if you are interested.

...............yes please, the more the merrier

Friday, September 09, 2005

violent playground, GERARD GARDENS

Violent Playground

Hello have just noticed photo of Stanley Baker sitting on camera with flats in background "holy block", myself and other residents from Gerard Gardens and Crescent now live on exact spot where this picture was taken, my aunt was 1st child born in Gerard Gardens after they opened, my wife is on front cover of book,

........................which book???

photo taken outside big arch entrance with all children in scruffy clothing, she is little girl at front of picture just to left looking direct at camera, she hasn't changed a bit, can give you more info + photos if you are interested.

......................am I interested..............is there snow in Alaska? Yes, Yes, YES.........please!!!!

Thank You. Gerard F.

.......and thank you too Gerard............are you named after the Gardens, or they after you?

I am actually named after a local street that used to be in the "little Italy"area before Gerard Gardens was built, Gerard Street, my Mother, Margaret Gaskill (PEGGY) was brought up there, they later moved into Gerard Gardens, outside Gerard Gardens on Christian Street there was a Public House called The Pontack (something to do with Grapevine i believe), my Mam had this Pub from about 1968 till about 1985, she was the longest serving tenant to have this Pub, and she became affectionately known as Peggy Pontack. This is the only building still standing, it is now a Detective Agency believe it or not, (would have been very handy back in them days) don't know why anyone would want Detective Agency there, the area really is a very quiet modern housing estates where Gerard Gardens and Gerard Crescent used to be.

Before taking " THE PONNIE" she was also barmaid in many local pubs including The "Morning Star" which Stanley Baker might have been looking at in the photo on the site and where i now live. It was about 100 yards from where he was sitting, I myself moved out of The Ponnie in 1977 when i got married to Kathleen, we moved into 25d Gerard Gardens and were there until they were demolished in 1986, she did not have to move far, from 16b to 25d. We had 2 sons in The Gardens, Gerard and Michael, both of them went to Bishop Goss (ST JOSEPHS) and Campion Schools,the eldest Gerard is into music in a big way and is well known on the Liverpool music scene, he is qualified Music Teacher having done 3 years at L.I.P.A (NOT BAD FOR A LITTLE GERARD GARDENS RAGARSE) and has actually been back to teach kids in his old school Campion, Michael is parts Manager in big car dealership. They both grew up playing in Gerard Gardens along with lots of other clever and intelligent kids, Gerard Gardens was nothing like Violent Playground, it was a very welcoming and friendly place. The book my wife is on is called AINSCOUGH'S LIVERPOOL, PHOTOGRAPHS BY HARRY AINSCOUGH, IF YOU CANT GET HOLD OF IT LET ME KNOW AND I WILL GET ONE FOR YOU.

If you would like me to send any photos please via EMAIL let me know how to do it, i have digital camera and can store images off memory card but hav,nt got a clue how to send them. I dont really want to send these old photos through post in case they get damaged. I dont mind taking photos of the area now and sending them to you, is there any particular areas you want up to date snaps of, the Ponnie, detective agency, anywhere else in Liverpool, Ringos house is being demolished soon!!

Its been great getting to know you a little bit , if I can be of any more assistance please get back in touch.


What wonderful memories, thank you so much for sharing them.

Can you get the front cover of the book scanned, an email internet cafe will probably help you, and the scan sent as an email attachment?

Have you got a copy of the film? I've never seen it so I don't know the images I want, I'll send your letter on to the other person interested in the film and perhaps you can all link up. And remember I pay £10.00 for each Reel Street identified and photographed.

Thank you again
Best wishes


I have enjoyed scanning through this website. It made me think to forward the following to you.

I am fascinated to know the exact locations in North London used in the 1959 film SAPPHIRE starring Nigel Patrick, Yvonne Mitchell and Earl Cameron.

.......................I haven't a copy of this film, make me one, for which we'll exchange something that you want from our "got" list, then we can pull the stills and identify the scenes. Or you can pull the stills, save them at 480 width, 72 dpi, and quality 4, and email them to us.

(1) There is one scene outside The Forum in Kentish Town ( still there );

................a pub? The exact address please.

(2) One in Caledonian Road near Kings Cross;

................It's a long road, give us a clue regarding location.

(3) Two outside The Boston Arms pub in Dartmouth Park Hill facing Tufnell Park Tube Station ( all still there );

.............thats better, thanks.

(4) Numerous scenes in and around a house in a street which the film alludes to being near the previously mentioned locations in Tufnell Park.

.............need to view the stills.

It certainly looks like it could be around the Brecknock Road area.

..............I used to live in Camden Road, where it crosses Brecknock Road.

The clincher is a final scene where Earl Cameron walks into the distance down a long, slightly sloping street. A "For Sale" sign by the Holloway based Driver's & Norris letting agents is clearly seen so it must have been filmed fairly local. Their offices are still in Holloway Road just around the corner from Tufnell Park Road itself.

.............I remember them well.

If you are able, or know where I could possibly track down the location of the house /street mentioned as point (4), that'd be great.
Many thanks,
Paul Brolan.

.................do me, find me, get me, a copy and off we go. In the
meantime we'll post your letter on the blog. You never know.
.............Best wishes
.............John Tunstill

sound barrier poster