Monday, January 30, 2006

Tommy - Brighton

Just to put a bit of a question in your mind.

Tommy to my CERTAIN knowledge was filmed in Southsea. ( Portsmouth)
Ken Russell lived in Southampton at the time and chose the town because of the pier, and a couple of `dark` theatres he could use for interior shots.
The auditorium of South Parade Pier had a balcony and the decor was typically Edwardian. In order to achieve consistent lighting in the venue the windows were all sheeted off with thick black plastic. High intensity stage lights were set up around the dance floor and as Elton John was playing the title song the lights melted the plastic, which caught on fire and up went the pier! Ken Russell refused to be interviewed by the police as I recall because he was directing his cameraman on how to film the conflamation from a vantage point along the promenade! I still have the colour photographs in the local newspaper from Pompey - I just have to find it.

....................always the way

To add to your listing.
The Boyfriend
Also filmed in and around Portsmouth by Ken Russell. He partly refurbished the Theatre Royal which had been closed 8 or 9 years earlier.
Other scenes were shot in around Stanhope Road. This was an industrial throughway where high buildings in close proximity offered Ken his exterior shots. Daly I never took any photos myself of those venues when I lived there as I was just too familiar with them and they didn`t seem all that special!

.............ain't it always the way!



Best wishes


Hi film sleuths

As many of you know the site became a subscription site from the start of the month, and future films on site will only contain a limited amount of information that will be available to non-subscribers.

Please take out a sub, it doesn’t cost much and it will help us to continue with the work that you all enjoy so much.

I’m attaching a few stills/screen grabs/”then” shots from three splendid films, “It Always Rains On Sundays”, “Waterloo Road” and “Deadly Affair”. In future the pre-release of the “then” shots will be available to all subscribers some three to four weeks prior to their inclusion on site. This will give subscribers an advantage when planning to take some “now” shots, for which we still offer up to £10.00 each.

And, for one photo you will have covered the cost of the subscription for a year.

We’re also starting a “Locations That No-Body Knows” area, which will contain photos of locations that should be used. Enter your pics, and if a location scout wants the address he’ll have to pay you a finder’s fee of £100.00.

But you do need to be a subscriber.

We’re about four months behind with our ReelStreets work at the moment so lots of you who have sent photos in are still, patiently, waiting for them to appear on site. The more subs we receive the more workers we can employ which, in turn will reflect to your benefit as we’ll be able to process more films more quickly.

Pleae help us to continue by subscribing to this unique site.

Oh, and yes, we’ve now got a message board where subscribers can post their views on individual film topics.

Best wishes

John Tunstill

Up the Junction


More splendid pics, and even better because "Up the Junction" is another film I haven't ever seen. Another one for you to please copy for me. That's at least two mugs of tea, and at least one bacon sarney, and probably a banbury or an eccles to follow, warmed, with custard, that I owe you!

Dear John,

Another place very close to my heart: I started trainspotting Up the Junction in the Easter Holidays of 1977 and have been doing so ever since! Some of the areas surrounding the station were almost the same as in this film, but in a state of dereliction (the shops as Miss Kendall leaves the station, and the market on the opposite side), and now the area is unrecognisable. A whole new shopping centre has been built on the site of the small shops seen in pictures 21-23, and the market in pictures 27-31 is now a bus-stand. The buildings have all gone, but part of Ingrave Street (Suzy Kendall's flat) still exists but I will have to go there to see if the terraces have all disappeared as I suspect they have. Also, sadly missing now from any scene will be the 4 imposing chimney of Fulham Power Station. I grew up in their shadow, and as long as they were there, guarding us from Southern attack (Lufwaffe?!) we felt safe, even if they did distort out television reception from Crystal Palace!, at school in 1977, age perhaps 12-16, so couldn't have been born much before 1960, so what's all this about Luftwaffe??? Us, real, oldies, almost, remember it well. And as for the modern invention of a Cristal Palace transmitter iwell recall when it was only Ally Pally sending out the signal, later followed by Sutton Coldfied. Luftwaffe indeed! Take away the custard I previously, foolishly, offered!

Incidentally, IMDB have the bridge in picture 2 as Albert Bridge! This is actually Chelsea Bridge, as can be seen in the panning shots towards Battersea Power Station.

............and don't even talk to me about IMDB, the errors that they offer are legion. They won't accept our input about locations, they won't link with us, and they won't answer our emails.Perhaps IMDB, stands for Ignorant, Maladjusted Dumb B£$%&%$£?

IMDB also has atrributed the Court scenes right at the end as being in Chelsea Town Hall. Picture 45 might have Suzy Kendall standing on Chelsea Town Hall steps (I will check), but the panning shots which follow up and down the road are most certainly not the King's Road!

..........see what I mean. I have tried, so many times to correct so many of their errors.

The gasholder in picture 46 looks like the one at Battersea (picture 6), but I have been racking my brains and "A to Z" to find a road which would have that sort of view of it! The Fuller's pub also suggests West London as opposed to Battersea, and I have read elsewhere that there were other gasholders of this design at one time, but I do not know of any.

.........therse gasholders were "German", of a German design I am told. There was another one whic appeared, and still exists at Kensall Green, see "Look Back in Anger". There may even be another set of anoraks who collect gasometers, as we used to call them.

...........thanks again

Best wishes,


Optimists of Nine Elms

Dear John,

This is a lovely film, complete with ukelele-playing Peter Sellers. He clearly loved the role, and I think his father learnt the uke' from Geroge Formby (or his father), according to another website. The two children in the film (the girl was just about my age at the time, 1973) are a delight.

..........One of the films I haven't yet found. Another one to copy for me please Marc.

But, the paradox is that in the film they live in Nine Elms (Sarf of the River) and want to move to "posh" flats North of the Thames, in Chelsea or Westminster. The actual film has them living in a terrace near Lots Road Power Station in Chelsea! They're also seen playing in a park - Eel Brook Common, which is now one of the poshest parts of Fulham with houses over £1million a piece! I live just along the Wandsworth Bridge Road from there. The only bit of filming actually occurring in Nine Elms is the Battersea Dogs' Home scenes!

.........But the big round gasholder........Battersea? It's very similar to the one in Battersea which also appears in "Ooh You Are Awful". And the group of three gasholders, Kings Cross perhaps, see "Ladykillers"? And many other readilly identifiable sites, Dorchester, Hyde Park, etc
Best wishes,


Blue Lamp


I have now made "grabs" from the following films, each of which I will send in a separate e-mail, to avoid an ultra large file size. Watching the films and then taking the "grabs" has given me immense pleasure!


............I was doing "The Big Sleep" over the weekend, great fun as well.

During the week, I have also managed to visit some of the sites connected with "The Lavender Hill Mob" in the City - amazing just how difficult it is to locate some sites, but I managed a few;

..........well done

and "Hue and Cry" - those grabs on your site were, I thought, locations I knew well, but having been there, I am still stumped! I will have to watch the film again to get a better sense of direction.

...........this too is something that happens quite often. I too go to locations where I KNOW were the shot was taken, only to find trhat I don't KNOW at all. Is it imagination, lack of attention? I wonder how much reliance can be placed on persons, like you and me, who KNOW certain things, untill we prove ourselves wrong! Frightening.

In addition to the grabs I am sending tonight, I have also extracted from VHS onto my computer the following films which I intend to "grab" over the next few days:

Hue and Cry
I Believe in You
Press for Time
The Last Journey
The Long Arm
Wrong Arm of the Law
The Secret Partner
Up the Junction are aware that at the moment we are about four months behind with all the entries that we've received, and with all these wonderful stills coming in, we'll be six months behind. Wonderful, keep 'em coming.

Now, the film grabs I am sending you, starting with "The Blue Lamp", a great favourite of mine! Sit back and enjoy Dixon of Paddington Green, and a very naughty Sir Dirk Bogarde being chased through the old White City area, now changed beyond all recognition, as has much of the Paddington Basin area, but I know where to find some "comparison" locations! I trapse up and down the Edgware Road and Harrow Road will also be good exercise for me!

Best wishes,


My God! You have been busy. Fantastic. I've been putting off abstracting the still from Blue Lamp because there were so many of them. But aren't they splendid. Do you have A Kelly's Directory? Many of the shop names will give clues to the old locations.

Obviously Harrow Road, Ladbrook Grove, Edgware Road, Notting Hill, North Kensington and Paddington generally. Reported locations, not yet checked,
Cinema on the corner of Harrow Road and Amberley Road, Coliseum, 324 Harrow Road.
WestbourneTerrace road bridge, Grand Union canal
Lord Hills Road, W9
Metropole Cinema, 267 Edgware Road, demolished
White City dog track, now the BBC

.........and, more specifically, pics 2 and 3 are Piccadilly Circus, you see, I can do the easy ones!

I should be in London from the 4th to the 9th of March. If you are free perhaps we can do a tour together on saturday the 4th March? or the wednesday the 8th March, or both. I've arranged "Location Sleuthing" outings before, and will add this invitation to the blog ( without your first paragraph) to see if anyone else wants to join in. Wouldn't it be nice if we could finf the "greasy spoon" caff in your still, with the tea urn!

The pub, with the "Gold Flake" advert, may appear in one of the Steptoe films.
Children's Hospital? Great Ormond Street?

A really breathtaking collection, very well done, and thanks again. Hope to see you in March.
Best wishes

Thursday, January 26, 2006

britmovie info website

Dear John,
Thank you for your reelstreets update. I wonder if the following might interest you? I have a web site now which is devoted mainly to early British cinema.

...........of course its of interest. Why didn't you tell us sooner?

However, among the pages so far published is an index of British film player's home addresses circa 1933...

...........what fun!

Whether or not it might help your site, I know not, but you are more than welcome to browse. anorak's paradise!

The site is also a member of as "Chronicles Of The Cinema.", and I am looking for other sites to join this ring.
The other thing I would like is to associated with other, and similar sites via Links.

........are you inviting us in? If so, thankyou, and yes please. Consider it

And finally, I have a book "Meet The Filmstars", 1934-35, within which there are several location pictures from "Sing As We Go" with some useful background detail. Any use to you?
Best wishes, Ken.

..........yes please, can you scan them?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Great Site

Hi John,
What a magic site! I co-wrote "Your Face Here -British Cult Movies Since the 1960's"

.............yes, I've read it. Congratulations. However, you were led up the garden path about rows of shops being painted red, just for the film, they were in Brixton, Stockwell Road, and some recent pics appear under Blow Up

and so did heaps of research on the locations of many of the films you've mentioned on your site. I just love location finding- god knows why, but when you're there, the film comes to life.'s the same tingle for all of us. That's why we do it.

My favourite film happens to be "Up the Junction" and I have most of the locations.

.........send 'em in. We pay for them, see our Submission Rules for techie specs..

Has anyone else done a piece on "Junction's" filmic history. Perhaps someone will rise to the challenge. so far, perhaps you? We're struggling to get Derek Pike's article up on site at the moment for several well known films, so a contribution from you would be well received. Perhaps you could start a new topic on our message board.

I'm afraid to say I did a location tour to Teignmouth in Devon for the Norman Wisdom film "Press for TIme"(it just looks so pretty)

..........don't be afraid, you're among friends. Anoraks of the World Unite!
So there we go- be nice to catch up at some point
Simon Wells

..........thanks Simon, we'll blog your letter
Best wishes
John Tunstill

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Man in the Moon

The Station in Man in the Moon could be Taplow,Bucks.
Exteriors were filmed up the road at the Jolly Woodman Pub Littleworth Common.
Dave Morris.

Is this the same Jolly Woodman used in Genevieve? But at Burnham, Slough, Bucks?

Yes,the very same Pub. A few years ago I popped in for a pint,on the walls were photos of Kenneth More taken in the car park with the film crew. Taplow is the nearest rail station, about 1.5 miles away.
The pub stands on Taplow Common Road and is about equi-distant between Burnham and Beaconsfield a very picturesque Route.
I was born and bred in Slough (for my sins) and know the area well.
In 1954 after leaving School I applied for a job at the nearby Pinewood Studios as a runner,but to no avail.I landed up as a Projectionist,at the Ambassador Cinema in Slough.
By the way John, Slough was tranferred to Berkshire in the 1970s shake up.
All the best to you,and your great site.
Dave Morris.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Addition to film locations

Der John,
Yes, love the site as I've always been intrestd in film (and television) locations. In "The Lavender Hill Mob" there is a scene where a car is being chased (I think) around a tree in the middle of the road. The tree is still there at the junction of Carlton Road and Castlebar Road, Ealing W5. There is a further recognisable Ealing scene, but I would need to see the film again before I could identify it (I think it's a house in The Avenue, West Ealing?).
Best wishes,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Addition to film locations

In your entry on "The Lavender Hill Mob" you've omitted Gunnersbury Park, Acton (Police College), also various Ealing locations familiar to residents (me). It was, after all, made at Ealing Studios.
Patrick Russell

How kind of you to write, so glad you like the site.
Perhaps you'd care to enlighten us about the "various Ealing locations".

Best wishes
John Tunstill


Dear John,

I am, to round off the evening, sending my captures (from DVD - which I did over the week-end) from "The Lavender Hill Mob".

................but surely, you lot always give the impression that you spend all your time preparing cases...........not messing about with old films

How that area has now changed beyond all recognition. The church spires remain, so that will give a point of reference, but those long vistas allowed by huge cleared bombsites have long gone!

............but the stills you've captured will show these huge changes, what the site is all about

Some of the scenes show Sydney Tafler - a great character actor, who my mother treated when he had cancer in the early 1980s - despite his terminal illness and all the pain he was in, he was still kind enough to give her an autographed card for me, something I treasure. Alec Guinness is, I think, my favourite actor of all time, and this film is certainly amongst my "top 10".

..........he was also in Passport to Pimlico and many others

.........and John Slater, who also was another popular supporting actor used to bring his clothes to be cleaned in our family Dyers and Cleaners in North London, near where as a small child I, being pushed in my pram by my mother was attacked and machine gunned by a passing hun aeroplane!

........Went back a couple of weeks ago and the repaired bullet holes are still visible in the building that used to be Barclays Bank, corner of Friern Barnet Road and Station Road New Southgate N 11.....and now a fashionable wine that really is real streets for you! Pics attached, me as a child of three or so, with my Grandpa, in Friern Barnet Road, New Southgate, The Avenue is in the background

.........Seig Heil

Goodnight, finally!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's your view of the Inns of Court? No, I don't mean do you think they are stuffed full of fat cat lawyers (I'm not exactly slim, but being a criminal barrister, hardly wallowing in cash!) Do you class them as "stately homes".

........This is a fairly vague definition to weed out Howard Castle, Buckingham Palace, H of P etc etc, the obvious "touristy" sites which haven't really changed.
Righto - much of the Inns have remained unaltered for a good few hundred years, but the Lufwaffe did manage to do some damage, and any pre-1939 "then" films will be very interesting to compare, if there are any!

Obviously, having been a pupil in the Temple and now with chambers in Lincoln's Inn, I am well-placed to locate the many scenes filmed there. Sometimes an entire area is recreated as a Victorian or Georgian streetscene, complete with straw on the roads to mask the carparking bays etc.!

.........Yes, there is an undercroft, all arched, used in Tom Jones, but it isn't a real street, and it hasn't changed. However in Victim there are real streets, and bearing in mind that most people have never been in the Temple, most of the area is unknown to them.

That undercroft is under Lincoln's Inn Chapel: just outside my chambers' front door in fact! I've lost count of the famous actors I've seen there over the years. I almost got a part as an extra in "A Fish named Wanda", with John Cleese in fine fettle and the lovely Jamie Lee Curtis.
Indeed, in 30 years' time, I'll be even better placed, to run a "then and now" site, since they are always filming there at week-ends! Although not really for your site, I also have access to the many interiors used for filming. As an example, I'm attaching a pic taken from ""Witness for the Prosecution" showing Dame Diana Rigg in Inner Temple Garden with Crown Office Row in the background. I was a pupil in the building just to the right, back in 1989.

............aah, the later version, I remember Marlena Dietrich, and Charles Laughton in the earlier one. But save the images, we can put them up in 2009, only three years to wait

Never fear, I have the Laughton / Dietrich version too!

Incidentally, let me know if you are going to set up a sub-site with Routemaster bus scenes.

.............No No NO............but you can, I'll give you the space if you want it.

That's an interesting idea. There is a series of "Then and Now" railway books, showing how railway stations and lines have changed over the years (and 2 volumes of aerial views too), but nothing for buses that I know of. I'm almost old enough to have 30-year-old "then" photographs - but film was expensive then, and the joys of digital photography now make things so much easier and cheaper, of course. In 30 years' time, when Routemasters are a fond but distant memory (like steam engines now, I suppose), I'll have a good collection to work from.

I'm a member of Cobham Bus Museum,

............and now I realise that barristers gowns shrink down to anoraks!, after dark and when the moon is full

Oh, yes, spot on! My senior colleagues never fail to tease me about my other interests. But I did manage to win a case 5 years ago (a multi-handed railway robbery, an activity now prosaically called "steaming") because I was the only person in Court who understood properly the layout of a Southern Region 4-CIG slamdoor train!

fand one of their magazines a few years ago had quite a long list of films with London buses in it. What's always funny, however, is a film or TV programme set in World War Two or 1940s, showing Routemaster bus (first entered service in 1956!). You are corresponding with someone who queued for 3 hours on 9th December and just managed to get a seat on the last 159 to Brixton!

............I think we've got a pic on the blog

The picture you kindly sent me is not actually the LAST Routemaster: I am attaching a picture of the very last one, RM2217 at Brixton, near the old Telford Avenue tramshed.

...........but, yes, get something written down and we'll start a new page for buses, trains, planes and other forms of transport

Many thanks for the list: I'll reformat it into a database, and make additions etc., and send it back to you. Another few hours' interesting work there for me! I have a particular fondness for power stations - literally growing up in the shadow of Fulham Power Station (alas no more) and can spot most of them quite easily. I loved that mistake that was made about Lots Road Power Station (about to be converted into ..... flats!) on your site. Pity someone else spotted it first! It used to have 4 chimneys. And, Battersea used to have 2, then 3 and now 4 of course. A source of much confusion all round.
Best wishes,


.......I've attached my trains an' boats an' planes file, which I haven't touched since 2004, just waiting for you to update it and breath some life into it

Best wishes,

Monday, January 16, 2006

More pictures for Reel Streets

Dear John,

Isn't it interesting, for those of us that know London, the idiotic juxtapositioning of places in certain films. Also, in "Brannigan" if memory serves correctly, there is an extraordinary journey from Heathrow that has the car passing Buck House and then some other totally off-route places before eventually arriving at Piccadilly or wherever!

...............tell me about it! Used to drive me mad, now I have a web site that does it!

Your other message asked whether I have been in touch with your brother: not yet! I have, however, invested in some equipment, programmes and wires so as to connect my VCR to my computer, but (being a neanderthal where these things are concerned) I have yet to get it to work! There was a problem getting the plugs to fit the sockets because of additional cosmetic plastic surrounding the pins, so I have just bought another one today which I am about to try out.

.........Good luck, light the blue touch paper and stand well back!

Whilst in contact, can I mention "The Lavender Hill Mob"? I have this on DVD, and have pulled some nice stills of the areas filmed - largely around Queen Victoria Street. Is anyone else working on this or do you already have pictures?

..........Well done, yes reserved for you for twelve weeks from when you send in the stills.

May I also reserve "The Omen", which was on TV at the week-end, and will be one of my first projects if no-one else is doing it? Some of the scenes were filmed in Bishop's Park, a place I spent many idyllic childhood Sundays.

.......Yes, indeed, twelve weeks also from when we get the stills, but park scenes are not real streets. Be careful, must have an actor and architectural detail.

As soon as I get my technology working, I'll get in touch to ask you which films you'd like me to work on. I know how busy you are (as am I, but this is a nice hobby for me, and I always walk with my digital camera wherever I go anyway).

As soon as you have the stills pulled off the original film, send them in and the film will automatically be held for twelve weeks for the "now" pics.

Best wishes,


Friday, January 13, 2006

I Thank a Fool

Hi John

I bought a copy of "I thank a fool" just to see the scene at New Brighton Tower where they filmed the fairground scene.

............not seen this film can you make me a copy for something I can swop you?

Try as I might, I couldn't get my mug on it but my cousin did for a second or two.

...........hrmph! these cousins

Susan Hayward actually gave me a hot dog because she put too much tomato sauce on it and me being a young scally wag would eat more or less anything in those days. My only claim to fame.

..........but what a claim!

I got the dvd from who list some other films made on Merseyside. It is only a copy from the TCM channel unfortunately but you are welcome to a copy of that if you want it. I can copy to dvd quite easily but the quality is not fantastic. Let me know plus an address to send it to if you want it.

...........yes please, that would be most kind. John Tunstill, La Preghiera, Calzolaro, 06018 PG, Italia. What can I send you in return?

"The Magnet" fascinates me because there are so many locations on it that I know. New Brighton baths for the Miss New Brighton scenes. Palace amusements and indoor fairground etc. I think some must have been shot on the old Egremont pier which I never knew as it was pulled down when I was tiny. Mersey tunnel features plus various locations in Liverpool that I am unsure about.

............Yes, I've got the film, together with about 200 others, all patiently waiting to be put up on site.

I always laugh because it has the kid running down an alleyway and coming out the other end. The only thing is that they are about a mile apart or so.

...........Yes, Marc Maitland was just saying the same thing about Genevieve

I will email you a photo taken in 1962 of the fairground with pier in back ground which also featured in the film. It is not my copyright so please don't reproduce it. I was given a copy by the man who took it and I wouldn't like to abuse his trust.

.........This arrived, thanks, but I'll not put it on site


I thank a fool

Hi John

I bought a copy of "I thank a fool" just to see the scene at New Brighton Tower where they filmed the fairground scene.

............not seen this film can you make me a copy for something I can
swop you?

Try as I might, I couldn't get my mug on it but my cousin did for a second or two.

...........hrmph! these cousins

Susan Hayward actually gave me a hot dog because she put too much tomato sauce on it and me being a young scally wag would eat more or less anything in those days. My only claim to fame.

..........but what a claim!

I got the dvd from who list some other films made on Merseyside. It is only a copy from the TCM channel unfortunately but you are welcome to a copy of that if you want it. I can copy to dvd quite easily but the quality is not fantastic. Let me know plus an address
to send it to if you want it.

...........yes please, that would be most kind. John Tunstill, La
Preghiera, Calzolaro, 06018 PG, Italia. What can I send you in return?

"The Magnet" fascinates me because there are so many locations on it that
I know. New Brighton baths for the Miss New Brighton scenes. Palace
amusements and indoor fairground etc. I think some must have been shot on
the old Egremont pier which I never knew as it was pulled down when I was
tiny. Mersey tunnel features plus various locations in Liverpool that I am
unsure about.

............Yes, I've got the film, together with about 200 others, all
patiently waiting to be put up on site.

I always laugh because it has the kid running down an alleyway and coming out the other end. The only thing is that they are about a mile apart or so.

...........Yes, Marc Maitland was just saying the same thing about

I will email you a photo taken in 1962 of the fairground with pier in back ground which also featured in the film. It is not my copyright so please don't reproduce it. I was given a copy by the man who took it and I wouldn't like to abuse his trust.

.........This arrived, thanks, but I'll not put it on site

Thursday, January 12, 2006


You have listed in the North of England "Thank a fool". It was actually called "I thank a fool" and filmed in Liverpool and on the Wirral. I saw it being made in 1962 and have just obtained a copy.

............we'll change it, thankyou. Will you swop a copy with me?

It starred Peter Finch, Susan Hayward and Diane Cilento. Some scenes were shot in the Isle of Man as well.


There is another film shot in New Brighton (Wirral) and Liverpool called "The Magnet". This starred a young Edward Fox and was made in 1950. Not a very good film but very interesting as I was born the same year and knew the area very well.

..........yes, we have this, and another 200 films, waiting to go on site

Alan wishes
John Tunstill

Saturday, January 07, 2006


I found your site accidentally and enjoyed it so much . Thanks !
Does anyone remember a 1960's film NO BLADE OF GRASS - something about germ warfare I think. It was filmed in the Lake District but one scene I do know was shot at Park South railway crossing between Barrow and Dalton in Furness just South of the Lakes. The crossing and signal box is still there.

never give up

hello John, great site just done a couple of hours on your site looking for hell drivers. but do you have any info on a film called "never give up" with Peter Sellers and Richard Todd. good film said to be the only time sellers played a straight part and is truly frightening. thanks Chris

Friday, January 06, 2006

young winston

Dear John,
I came across you sight through QUADBOD I am a an avid collector of film posters, I have been collecting ever since I went to see JAWS in the Albert hall in SWANSEA,
One of my fondest memories is going up the Swansea valley to Penwyllt which is just behind Adelina Pattis castle it was to watch them filming THE YOUNG WINSTONE all the railway scenes were filmed there there were loads of locals working as extras the mountains and terrains resembled AFRICA I can still remember this even now at 43.
congratulations on your wonderful site,

infomation about film blow up

hello, i lived in the street princes place were the film blowup, was made. My father worked for John Cowan the guy who owned the studio at the top of princes place. The pictures are as follows

9 and 10 are pottery lane
11 was a public house called the Zetland
33 are pottery lane from the other direction, at the end of the you can see the Zetland pub, the trees in the middle of the picture is the park, and to the right at the end was the catholic church.
34 is Pottery Lane on the left before the phone box is the Catholic church, and on the right was the Zetland pub.
35, yes again its pottery lane, the big black number 39 on the door was taken from outside the studio in princes place, i was with my father when he took it and put it on the door in Pottery Lane.

The white trousers that David Hemmings is wearing in the film i have a pair of them, How this came about was after filming a lot of the children who lived in the street Princes Place had home made Gokarts. alot of the crew including David Hemmings used to have a go on these Gokarts, David Hemming went too fast fell off, on a lot of dirt and oil so my dad gave him a pair of his trousers to wear.

Theres loads more info and bits about the film i can tell you , please contact if i can help at all.
bye for now from Christine

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well sleuthers, would you believe

Well sleuthers, would you believe, I've had more than 50 emails today, just about ReelStreets, never mind, Soldiers, Postcards, Properties, Weddings, Dislexicon, La Preghiera and all.

We, Terry, Ruth, Mike and me are working flat out, but I'm about three month's behind at the moment, all my fault.................again!.

Subscriptions are now upon you, which may slow a few of you down, but your cash will enable more staff to be employed, which means more films, which means more subscribers which means.........

And not just 50 emails but 73 photos, thens and nows, from Boys Will Be Boys, In The Air, School For Scoundrels, Performance, Smallest Show on Earth, Oh, Mr Porter and a couple of others that are lost in the pile, and if you work that lot out at a tenner a pop, it makes our subscription charge look a snip.

Oh, and don't forget "TLTNK", the locations that nobody knows, your chance to find and photograph a location that ought to be used in a film or TV production. Creepy, romantic, posh, scruffy, artistic, gothic, happy or sad. Send in the pics and perhaps, just perhaps, if someone wants the location that you have found, you earn £100.00, yes one hundred pounds.

Happy, and prosperous New Year

John Tunstill

Men Of Tomorrow

I dont know if you can help but I am trying to find out any information regarding the British film Men Of Tomorrow. This is not the film already listed on your web site but a later one made in either 1958/9 (depending on the listing) and featuring a young David Hemmings.
Any information you can give me would be really gratefully received as both my friend and his father were extras on it and neither of them was even certain that it had been released until I started looking.
I will look forward to hearing from you

Bobbie Hindman

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Hello Again
Here are the two photos from the George Formby Film "Its in the Air"

The film was recorded by Associated Talking Pictures (Ealing) in 1938. some of the shots were filmed in a village called Latimer.

The big house is seen early on in the film. The other photo is of the lodge house to the big house, the approach to the lodge house is up a long lane with trees either side of the road.

I will willingly pay the ten pounds to any one who can give me the location of the big house.


Man in the Moon

The Station could be Taplow,Bucks.
Exteriors were filmed up the road at the Jolly Woodman Pub Littleworth Common.
Dave Morris.

So Well Remembered

So Well Remembered
Rank/RKO 1947 114 mins B&W
Directed by: Edward Dmytryk
Photography by: Freddie Young
Starring: John Mills, Martha Scott, Patricia Roc and Trevor Howard
Available on region free DVD (PAL) and VHS (£9.99 + £1.55 p&p) from
Hectic House Records.

this was filmed in and around Macclesfield but I think that many of the locations were knocked down as slum clearance.

Best regards,

Monday, January 02, 2006


I have spent 3 wonderful hours navigating around your website and links,great !

..............the best three hours you've probably spent recently!

I have always been fascinated by film locations in this country. too.

Two of my favourites are A Prize of Arms - Stanley Baker,Tom Bell 1961 (not released on vhs or dvd,although I have a poor TV recording ) and the Angry Silence 1960.
I believe the Angry Silence was made in Ipswich,not too far from me.

.............that's a clue, any more info?

In the Prize of Arms cast list is Tom Bell and Geoffrey Palmer both of which are still alive I understand,would love to make contact with them to see how good their memories are !

............try them, they can but ignore you. Their agents will be listed in the Performing Artists Year Book available in your local library.

Are you or any else looking into these films ?
Thankyou again and Best Regards Gary.

............not yet, so you can "book" them if you like. We'll give you 12 weeks to come up with the goods before we release the investigation to someone else. And if anyone else out there wants to "reserve" a film for further personal investigation, stake your claim soon, before the rest of them get there. wishes, and we'll blog your letter
..........John Tunstill

Re: Kilburn cinema

An elderly friend has asked me if I can identify an old crime thriller that had a climatic scene in either the Grange or Gaumont State in Kilburn.

..............Blue Lamp? Believe someone once put up some info on the blog.

I can find no reference to this but I wondered if you might know of it. She would be very grateful as would I.

M Gerard.

........Best wishes
John Tunstill

Thanks for you rapid response. However I think the cinema in The Blue Lamp was the Coliseum in Harrow Road. I found this on about Royal Oak: 'The Blue Lamp, a 1950 Dirk Bogarde film, was made around the area. The cinema where he kills Jack Warner is now a Housing Association office at 324 Harrow Road.' 324 was the address of the Coliseum. The Metropolitan, Edgware Road may also have featured in the film according to an item on The Mad Cornish Projectionist's website ( However, my enquirer insists it was a chase through a cinema that was featured in the film she remembers. The Blue Lamp only had a box office robbery as far as I recall.

Best wishes,
Malcolm Gerard.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Its in the air

Cheers John,
I have been trying to find a location seen in the film "Its in the air" starring George Formby. I have written to Ealing studios and local history groups etc to no avail.

I am a Formby fan and I am trying to find locations for his films, I have some already, but this location in "its in the air" has me beat. The location is a big country house ( I have pictures of it from the film) if any one can find it I will gladly pay them a tenner.

whistle down the wind

hello John
I have some "now" photos of Whistle Down the Wind, but none of the original stills from the film. do I need to find some before I can submit my photos?

................It is almost impossible to actually remember the correct camera angles without a copy of the still to refer to, so I always advise my sleuths to print off a still from the film, or wait until we have it up on site and print off from there, and then, armed with that then they can take an accurate "now" pic.
However, if you want to send the pics in we'll enter them on the blog.

Best wishes
John Tunstill

Happy New Year

Sparros Can't Sing Movie Locations



I'm contacting you on behalf of a friend of mine, who was researching on-line & found your web-site request for information about any locations where Sparrows Can't Sing was filmed.

My friend's late father co-owned several night clubs in London at that time, and one of them was used in the film. He says he has the details, and if you would find it useful, he'll look it up for you. He says he hasn't seen the film for some years

Although born in the East London, and is a true Cockney, my friend was educated privately in North London, where his long-time girlfriend was Amanda Asher, youngest daughter of Jack Asher the cinematographer & niece of Bob Asher, director of Terry-Thomas, Norman Wisdom and Morcombe & Wise films. He was very close to Bob Asher who he remembers as one of the nicest men he ever met. He later went into the private security business, working for Anne Bancroft and other movie
people. His maternal grandfather was Dinah Shore's first cousin, & he has a considerable amount of items that belonged to her (jewelery etc).

Kind regards

Sue Turner

location: millions like us

The pier in Millions Like Us is Eastbourne (I lived there 1851-1969,

...................I hope that's a typo!!! 1851 was about the time of the Crimean War!

and was there earlier this year - but as I'm in Australia I can't send a photo). You can see the gap in the pier created to stop it being used for invasion. that's serious sleuthing, thanks, we'll blog it.

The seafront shot (3/4) is almost certainly Eastbourne also - there was a corner bulding destroyed by a WW2 bomb (in foreground) - since replaced by a 1960s/70s building. I think the photo is taken from the Carpet Gardens, just West of the pier head.

...........really good location clues, thanks again

You can see the seafront gradually rsing into the distance, with a vague shape of the downs leading up to Beachy Head in the background.


The top photo (1) may well also be Eastbourne - there is a similar bow-fronted terrace in the street leading up to the pier from the town (it's the extension of Terminus Road, but may have a different name). I don't recall there being a bomb-destroyed building on the corner here, but that might just be a memory gap.

..........but it's sure to get the locals moving
..........Happy New Year
John Tunstill

Mike Scott