Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Wicker Man

A large part of our site is dedicated to detailing all of TWM's many filming locations.

Declan McCafferty

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As a registered ReelStreeter, you can spend a week or two Umbria Italy, if you are computer literate, putting in a 40-hour week helping to organise the site, and load the next 50 titles, and John Tunstill will give you, in exchange, flights, board and lodgings, for yourself and a partner, see, and

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Constant Husband

Dear Mr Tunstill,
I came across pages relating to the film Constant Husband on your website.
One page had stills, numbered 3-7 from this film, and these were taken in the Pwllcam [inner harbour] area of Aberaeron, Ceredigion. I have vague memories of the film being made and I recall seeing it at the local cinema. You will find several sites relating to Aberaeron on the Internet. You have a second page on this film with a photograph labelled ch001 and described as Aberaeron, but I do not recognise the scene although one house is typical of local architecture.

Do you know if Constant Husband is available on VHS or DVD? I am writing a history of the town.

David L. Jones

Sunday, June 24, 2007

London Film Location Guide

Press Release

Simon R.H. James
London Film Location Guide

Are you curious as to whether your London post code was the film setting for where Bill Nighy got attacked by zombies in the 2004 film Shaun of the Dead, or that scenes from three of the Harry Potter blockbuster movies were filmed at a site near you? London is one of the most vibrant and versatile film locations in the world and has provided some of the most stunning settings in film history. This fascinating guide covers the whole of the London metropolis area by area, so you'll be able to find streets where you live, work or play, whether in Chelsea, Greenwich or Whitechapel.

Spanning decades of cinema history in London, from the classic Hitchcock thriller Blackmail (1927) to cult movie A Clockwork Orange (1971) and even Children of Men (2006), it seems that everyone from James Bond to Alex Rider has pounded the city's pavements.

With 'then' and 'now photographs, actual scene grabs from films, and a comprehensive film and street index covering over 750 films and 1500 London streets, this is a delight for both film buffs and London enthusiasts.

So go on.grab a copy and see if your postcode is there .you know you want to!

The author

London film locations are Simon James' passion and he has been researching the subject for the last ten years. When not immersed in watching the movies and walking the streets of London, he is a Latin teacher and the author of several texts on Latin.

Simon will shortly be in Umbria, as a guest of John Tunstill, at, where you too, as a registered ReelStreets viewer, could stay............ FREE........see details on the blog.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Last Days of Dolwyn

The dam in the picture ld001 is the Llyn (lake) Vyrnwy Dam at
Llanwddyn, Powys, Mid Wales.
The photo is taken from the eastern end of the dam.


How kind of you to write in, another piece in the jigsaw................can
you take a photo or two?

Thanks and best wishes
John Tunstill

Get Carter

I think that 'Get Carter' is on our 'Action' list, is'nt it?

......................indeed it is

Anyway as you see the Gateshead multi story car park is about to come down.

....................take to the barricades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enclosed from BBC website.

Eyesore or gem: Gateshead car park

The maxim of beauty being in the eye of the beholder is no more true than in people's estimations of modern buildings. To mark Architecture Week, the Magazine is taking some of Britain's most controversial buildings to task.

It is known by different names. You will hear it referred to by those who wish to see it demolished as Gateshead multi-storey car park or the Trinity Centre car park. Those who wish to see it stay might call it the Get Carter car park.

To fans of brutalist architecture it is a genre-defining example made iconic both by its stark concrete and for the scene in the 1960s gangster flick when Michael Caine's character throws a corrupt businessman off the top.

But under a redevelopment plan, it is now set to be demolished and replaced by a Tesco supermarket, among other things. Here Gateshead native Father Michael Brown explains why it will not be missed by locals, and the Twentieth Century Society's Jon Wright insists it must be saved.

...................join in the fight Streeter Sleuths, and have the place
torn down.............or possibly..........kept up.

What say you???

Friday, June 08, 2007

A Way to the Stars

The other day someone wrote in about "A Way to the Stars" , and its location scenes. I mistakenly thought of another film "A Matter of Life and Death", and said that I didn't believe that there were any ReelStreets style location shots, which was correct for ".........Life and Death".

However "...Way to the Stars", does have a few sequences, the opening one being.......possibly.....of "Halfpenny Field" an airfield in the midlands to where I used occasionally fly from the Staverton Airport, near Cheltenham where I used to live.

There are some good shots of the wartime RAF recognition charts, and I've got hundreds of the accompanying cards in my collection,, and there are a couple of shots of a pub....Red Lion?, Golden Lion?, and a street.

So apologies to whoever it was who wrote in, and one day we'll put the film up on site.................will you help me do it?

And last week I wrote, to some of you;

Obviously in my generosity I confused a lot of you with my offer of "FREE" tapes. What perhaps I should have said is;

This week I've got the following tapes to swap.

Amourous Milkman
Against the Wind
Adventures of a Private Eye
Assignment Redhead
Angry Silence
Au Pair Girls
Astonished Heart

There is only one of each, and yes YOU have to pay the postage from Italy where I live.
And YES, YOU have to reimburse me for the cost of the blank tape. Generosity, after all, has its limits.

However, you can offset all these costs by sending me a tape or disc of something I want, and I sent you my "wants" list a couple of weeks ago. And for those of you with a short memory I'm attaching it again. These tapes or discs need to be VHS Pal or DVD (Europe). Mine are of the same style/format.

The tapes I have are often copies off TV, with adverts, and some are dubbed in Italian.

You can further offset the cost by supplying "now" photos of "then" scenes that we've put up on site, you can take photos of film scenes that we haven't yet put up on site, and get paid for it.

You can sell advertising space on the site and earn commission.

You can even spend a week or two here in Italy, if you are computer literate, putting in a 40-hour week helping to organise the site, and load the next 50 titles, and I'll give you, in exchange, flights, board and lodgings, for yourself and a partner, see, and and we'll give you a year's subscription as well.

So, please don't ask for tapes I haven't got,
please don't ask for tapes I haven't finished with
and please don't offer me tapes that don't have real outdoors built-up locations with an actor in view and that weren't made before 1988

...................... because having to answer all the emails is a little time consuming, and, as perhaps you know I've eight or nine websites to run, a half-dozen building sites and a luxury guest house.

Ciao, from sunny Umbria

Perhaps we'll see YOU soon, if you're a good worker, with an interest in old British films

John Tunstill

Oh, and have you registered yet, ...................never mind subscribing???

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The bargee

Great site. You were asking for film locations in your unidentified film section. The Bargee was filmed on the Grand Union canal between Brentford and Hertfordshire.
Some of the locations are Hanwell Locks, Three Bridges Hanwell, Bulls Bridges Hayes Middlesex, Blackjack Lock Harefield, Marsworth Top Lock Bulborne Tring, Winkwell Swing Bridge Bourne End Bucks, Apsley Berkhampstead, and last but not least Wolverton Aqueduct Milton Keynes.
I hope this information is helpful to somebody.
I remember the canal from my teenage years when it was coming to the end of its working life, this film takes back to a different time one that I much preferred.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Strange Affair

Has anyone out there got a copy of Strange Affair,

if so will you swap it with me..........for something I've got?

Please, PLEASE, P L E A S E !!!

John Tunstill

Monday, June 04, 2007

Killing of Sister George

From one scene to the next, in Killing of Sister George, Susannah York does
a quick change of nightie!! If only we could have a "then" shot of that!!!

The Railway Children (1970)

Picture reference rc011


The 'village' is really more of a hamlet now and it is called 'Wycoller' There are a few houses, a tearoom and a country park. As well as the ancient and interestingly distorted pack horse bridge there is the Ford above it where 'Bobbie' met the doctor crossing in his pony and trap and further upstream an even more ancient clapper bridge. Nearby are the ruins of Wycoller Hall and a beautifully restored barn which is now a heritage centre and Tourist Information office. (the 'Aisled Barn) There is a Local Authority website entry at:

this gives links to the Village, the Country Park and the Aisled Barn.

Glenn Cannon


How very kind of you to write in. We'll blog your interesting comments

Many thanks

John Tunstill