Monday, October 31, 2011

Jaipur Film Festival

World’s growing fastest film festival
4th Jaipur International Film Festival
January 27-31, 2012, Jaipur, India
Film entry submission for JIFF 2012- Last date for film submission:
For Short / Documentary / Animation Now late deadline: 15 November, 2011
For Feature Film / World Premiere
Regular deadline: 15 November, 2011 late deadline: 30 November, 2011
Jaipur International Film Festival
And, if you do contact them please remind them that they STILL haven’t made a link to us.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cinema of Darkness

Another film shot at this infamous angle in Hammersmith, does this mean another murder? Has another young woman gone missing? Was this the work of our serial-killer called 'Dogsbody'.

In more than 500 films on site, only one street, or area, has had multiple uses in more than twenty feature films, co-incidently made at about the same time as other films, with some of the same crew, were being made somewhere in the British Isles where a young woman was recorded as having disappeared.

Twenty films made in the same area, twenty other films being made at the same time and twenty girls going missing.

Delayed Action will be on screen soon.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sleuths, Detectives and Gumshoes

Reelstreets milestone, more than 500 films loaded.

Yes we now have more than 500 film,s and 16,000 film and movie location pics, loaded on site.
We really are the largest movie location site in the world. Ah, but your favourite film still isn’t loaded? Well, get hold of a copy, grab the stills; with the free programme GOM; and send them in. Take the “now” photos, and off we go. Instant internet fame.

Much of our achievement is due to the back-room boys, one of whom is Greg Michevski who diligently works from the middle of Europe discovering “now” shots of incredibly obscure corners of the British Isles, which he sends them and we add them for everyone’s benefit.

Greg, our tireless sleuth, has found hundreds of locations for us but has never set foot in the UK, what incredible patience, perseverance and dedication. All our thanks go out to him for his outstanding work as well as his long-distance location skills. Just look at his sleuthing abilities regarding Sylvia, our latest film on line..

So, if you are going to follow in Greg’s footsteps and load a film, and some “now” shots, please read our “How to Submit” page so that all the technical requirements are sorted, because, otherwise, your contribution may just end up in the pending box, waiting for that rainy day when there are no good films on the telly.